Prep Yourself for Beach Days with this Handy Beach Beauty Guide

Deciding how to do your make up for a day at the beach is a cumbersome task. Whilst melting make up is not a good look for any girl, we know that you still want to look your best on the sands. The trick is to look natural whilst ensuring that you routine is fuss free and does not require too many touch ups throughout the day (what a pain!) Fear not, ladies, we understand your predicament and we are here to help with some quick tips for long lasting make up under the sun.

Prepare with Sunscreen

The first step is to invest in a good sunscreen. We have stressed on this before, and will stress on it again because it is so, so important. An SPF of 40 or more is the way to go. Slather on a thick layer of sunscreen before you begin your make up routine, taking care to reach the places you tend to forget such as your ears and neck.

Foundation, Yes or a No-no?

Unless it is absolutely necessary, skip the foundation this time round. As you sweat under the strong rays of the sun, foundation will clog your pores and make you feel icky. If you feel like you cannot do without it, mix a dollop of foundation into your sunscreen and apply. If you are willing to let it go this time, trust us and try out water based tinted moisturizer instead. It will offer similar coverage and gives your skin a nice glow without being too heavy to handle. We recommend giving the concealer and powder a skip too. Keep it simple!

Accentuate Your Best Assets

Don۪t forget to accentuate your best assets by brushing a good amount of bronzer onto your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. This adds definition and creates the angular features which we are all dying to achieve. If you have a very pale skin tone, add a touch of blush to lend some warmth.

Flirty Eyes

Next, we move to the eyes. Hit up the makeup counter in advance and purchase waterproof mascara from a reputable brand. Mascara is the best pick-me-up for eyes by making your lashes look luscious with minimal effort. If you can, forget about the heavy eyeliner, which will make you look akin to a raccoon if it smudges (ew!). Just apply a couple of coats of mascara to make your eyes pop and you are good to go. If you really want some extra sparkle, dust on a light layer of shimmery eye shadow in a shade which complements your skin and swimwear we love gold, bronze and baby pink eye shade. Subtle yet effective!

Sensual Lips

Finally, we come to your smackers! Again, keep it clean and leave the lipstick at home. Pick up a natural lip balm with a good SPF to keep your lips in good shape as well. Keep touching up the lip balm every couple of hours, as it tends to wear off quickly. If you crave some more colour, use a lip stain with a high colour pay off to achieve it. Just dab a little bit on in the center and you are done.

Hair Love

Sweep your hair back into a cute fishtail braid, pile it atop your head in a messy bun or leave it down waves. Ta-da! You're all set for a stress-free break at the beach!