Solid and Striped

Solid & Striped is a swimwear manufacturer that creates timeless pieces using fabrics sourced from around the world. With a love for timeless style and a yearning for endless vacations, the company finds itself nestled between the beautiful beaches of Water Mill, NY, and the charming seaports of the Amalfi Coast. Picture-perfect, they can often be seen with a book in one hand and a refreshing drink in the other, embodying a sense of classic elegance and relaxation.

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Solid and Striped: The Adrienne One-Piece (RE24-1142LUS-CO)
Solid and Striped
The Adrienne One-Piece
Underwired one piece
SKU: 560-092
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Solid and Striped: The Maia Bikini (RE24-1134LUS-SAG-RE24-1135LUS-SAG)
Solid and Striped
The Maia Bikini
Sage underwired balconette
SKU: 560-090
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Solid and Striped: The Oxford Tunic (RE24-201LAM-SIL)
Solid and Striped
The Oxford Tunic
Tunic with eyelet fabric
SKU: 560-085
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Solid and Striped: Gretchen Cover-Up (RE24-2118CRO-BO-RE24-544CRO-BO)
Solid and Striped
Gretchen Cover-Up
Cropped top long sleeve cover-up
SKU: 560-081
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Solid and Striped: Koko Dress (RE24-3152CRO-BO)
Solid and Striped
Koko Dress
Versatile maxi cover-up
SKU: 560-080
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Solid and Striped: The Leigh Polo Shirt (SP21-223TMM-R)
Solid and Striped
The Leigh Polo Shirt
Breathable mesh fabric polo
SKU: 560-060
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