Offbeat Beach Activities!


Have you guys got your beach essentials packed and ready to go? In case you can't figure out which designer bikini to don, we are totally digging the latest L*Space collection, so check that out. Aside from the obvious beach activities working on your sun kissed glow, frolicking in the waves and catching up on the latest issue of Vogue there are a ton of offbeat things you can indulge in to break away from the norm and make your day on the sands more memorable. Should we share some of our favorites?

Message In A Bottle

You may have only seen the whole message-in-a-bottle thing in movies, but this has always been one of our favourite things to do at the beach. It doesn't really require an explanation just find an old glass bottle (or bring your own), write a fun message or a quote on a piece of paper, seal it tightly and throw the bottle as far into the ocean as you can. Can you imagine someone on the other side of the world chancing upon your mystic message, adding their own line and carrying it forward? Really makes you feel like you۪re part of something bigger, doesn't it?

Have A Picnic

If you are struggling to plan a unique date to surprise your significant other, a picnic at the beach is just the key to their heart. Do the whole spread a red checked blanket, chips and dips, homemade sandwiches, a bunch of juicy fruit, a bottle of wine and some cupcakes for desert. Better yet, if you۪re doing an evening shindig, why not start up a bonfire and make your own s۪mores? Don't forget to bring along your Polaroid and snap a lot of crazy pictures for your scrapbook! Your man will fall in love with you all over again.

Shell Jewelry

When is the last time you tapped into your artistic side and created something from scratch? Plan a crafty date with your best girlfriends involving an afternoon of DIY and tanning. Carry all the supplies with you scissors, needles, wire, beads, glue, hooks etc. and spend the afternoon looking for unique shells in different colors and sizes which you can turn into some fabulous jewelry. Not only will you end the day with some bohemian statement pieces which nobody else has; you will also have a fun-filled afternoon bonding with your best girls.

Scavenger Hunt

If you۪re going with a big group of say eight or more people, scavenger hunts are an absolute riot! Come up with a list of tasks beforehand we like to stick to ten or fifteen at the most. Some of our favorites include: find a girl in a red bikini, click a picture in Ray Bans, collect twenty pink shells, bury one team member in sand and take a photo etc. Push your creative limits and get as daring as you can. We guarantee that all of you will be in splits by the end of the day!