7 Tips For A Flawless Summer Face


Every girl loves a tan, but the harmful rays of the sun can often do more harm than good, especially when it comes to your skin. Use these tidbits of advice to keep your skin looking amazing all summer long:

The Ultimate Summer Essential = Sunscreen

If there is one thing that must be in your beach bag, make sure that its sunscreen with an SPF of 40 or more. Slather this lifesaver on at least thirty minutes before you head out and reapply it as per the instructions on the bottle. Don't forget to pick up a lip balm with SPF to protect your pout as well.

Faux Tan Face

If you are looking for the perfect sunless tanner that gradually will give you that perfect glow without the exposure to the sun's harmful rays, we have the best product for you ladies. Try the Faux Tan Face by bare Minerals. Just apply it before you go to bed and you will wake up with a gorgeous glow. We've tried it ourselves and have nothing but thumbs up for this amazing product. It dries instantly and have a nice citrus smell.

An important special insider tip ladies; use your fingertips to apply the tanner on the parts of your face that the sun usually hits, such as your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. Do not apply this product like you would with your regular moisturizer, which will leave your face more dirty than fresh. Just apply like we suggested and you will look flawless!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

As a rule of thumb, you should make it a point to drink eight glasses of water every day, regardless of the season. Still, keeping your body hydrated is even more important in the summer, because the heat can really suck the life out of your skin. Skip the aerated drinks when you۪re thirsty because they do nothing but add to stomach bloat opt for infused water instead. Better yet, keep a small bottle in your handbag so that you can sip on the go.

Scrub Your Skin

In the hotter months, it is really important to exfoliate at least thrice a week. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells and improve blood circulation to your face. Use a light scrub or make your own at home with honey and oatmeal. Say hello to clearer and smoother skin! Don۪t forget to scrub your tootsies for beautiful feet as well. Follow up with a deep nourishing moisturizer and you are good to take the world by a storm!

Find a New Foundation

Throw out your oil based makeup and switch to a lighter, water based foundation instead. The water base doesn't clog your pores and allows your skin to breathe while providing medium coverage. This makes it ideal for oily, acne-prone skin. It also provides a more natural and less caked on look than oil based liquid formulations. Hello, super model!

Use Toner

We really don۪t understand how people can live without toner. Once you start using it, you won۪t be able to either. The cooling properties will keep your skin from flaring up and ensure that your pores are closed. We like to apply toner twice a day once in the morning before we commence our makeup routine and once in the evening before bed. It makes for fabulous beauty sleep! If you skin is super sensitive, opt for rose water instead. Pro-tip: apply rose water after shaving or waxing to reduce irritation.

Cool Your Skin

Throw half a cucumber and one tablespoon of yogurt into the blender for a super relaxing face pack. If you can get your hands on Aloe Vera leaves, add those too. Apply this mixture to your face along with two cucumber slices on your eyes to relax them. Wash your face with cool water after fifteen minutes and finish with a deep nourishing moisturizer for some extra TLC.