5 Simple New Year Resolutions That'll Make The World A Happier Place

I've never actually made new years resolutions. Each year I mean to, and then January 1 turns into March, and next thing I know I'm halfway through the year and I start promising myself that next year I will make them for sure!

So this morning, I sat down with a cup of coffee and decided to make some for 2021. Originally I was going to aim for 21 resolutions, as it seemed to tie in with the year, but somewhere around number 4 I realised 21 is a LOT! So I have settled on 5, that seems manageable for a first-timer.

1. Say one nice thing to someone daily.

It's such an easy thing for me to do and we all love it when someone compliments us. It may be just the thing that gives someone a much needed smile for the day, so when I see a stranger wearing a dress I like, or a friend with a pretty nail color, I will remember to tell them out loud how great I think it is.

2. Don't drink and text.

There is nothing that cannot wait another 12 hours to be said, and I am more likely going to regret what I say, rather than be proud that I took that exact opportunity to share whatever it was that was on my mind, completely uncensored. So in 2021, when I am out on the town, the phone will go off.

3. Say thank you more often.

Life's busy, and it۪s easy to forget to say thank you for the little things, but that isn۪t an excuse. So, this year I will remember to say thank you for all things, big and small, whether it۪s someone letting me onto the subway first, or a stranger lending my $1 when I am short and trying to get my morning Starbucks fix.

4. Write more letters.

I have lived a long way from home for the past 6 years and with Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, I feel like I know what is happening in my friends' lives, but in actual fact, I rarely send them letters to say hi. So I am going to start writing more letters to friends and family, to tell them what I have been up to and find out what's happening with them. Liking۪ a photo they put on Instagram of a great salad they had for lunch will no longer pass for communication.

5. Pay it forward

I love this idea, and to be honest, I have been the recipient 3 times, but have never actually passed it on myself. So whether it is a coffee for the person behind me in the queue, or paying someone۪s toll, 2021 will be the year I pay back the universe for the three I owe.

So, I feel fairly confident I will be able to achieve all 5 resolutions within the next 12 months. If you have not yet made any of your own, I am happy to share. And if you have, I would love to hear what they are!