5 Easy Steps to Get Your Body Bikini-Ready!

So, you have bought that designer bikini with a matching designer beach cover up to go. You are all set to work on your tan and spend hours lazing by the ocean on a beach towel. But wait; aren't we skipping a step here? When you are ready to strut your stuff, you are going to want your body to be at its finest.

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you make sure that your body is at its bikini-best this season: Your Body Is A Temple

Girls, we cannot stress on this enough. Monitoring your food intake is infinitely more effective than the most intense workout - just ask our favourite bad girl, Rihanna!

Focus on what you eat rather than how much you eat.

Start by reducing your intake of starch-laden carbohydrates like bagels, cookies, breads, pasta and biscuits, which cause water retention and are difficult to digest.

Try snacking on some fresh fruit or nuts instead tasty and nutritious!

Bid adieu to carbonated beverages. Those diet drinks are actually doing you more harm than good. Whilst they might be low in calorie count, the carbonation leads to bloating not a good look for any sexy bikini clad babe. Switch up those soda cans for a fresh, blended fruit smoothie or juice each morning.

If you want that bootylicious figure that Beyonc̩e is all about, you'd better add some squats to your workout routine. Squats are a great way to tone your thighs and buttocks. Whilst most people find the exercise slightly strange at first, we guarantee that you will become a loyal believer when you begin to notice results in just a few days. But ladies, a word of caution: when trying out a new exercise for the first time, research the correct posture and technique or seek the help of someone who knows how to do it right to prevent injury!

Drink More Water
You should be downing at least eight glasses of this magic potion every day! Not only does H2O help to flush the toxins out of your system and keep your skin glowing; it also improves your fat burning potential and the effectiveness of your work out.You will also find that increasing the amount of water you drink keeps you full in between meals and reduces unnecessary munching in between. Snacking on water-rich vegetables like cucumbers and lemon works great too!

Keep a Check on Your Posture
The way you hold yourself has a lot to do with the way your body looks to a third person. A hunched back and slouched shoulders make one look shorter and wider than they actually are. In the run up to summer, make a conscious effort to stand up taller with your shoulders squared backwards. Try to tighten your core abdominal muscles whilst walking or sitting at your desk this will make you look thinner in a matter of seconds. After a few days, you will notice that your body has trained itself to hold the correct posture and you will no longer have to keep a conscious check on it.

Pamper Your Skin
Whilst you might have worked out every day of the year, dry and lackluster skin will make you look dull and sallow. Take out the time to turn your bathroom into your own personal spa for an hour or two each week. Using a sweet smelling body scrub and your favourite loofah, exfoliate your legs and arms to remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs. After showering, slather on a heavy moisturizer and massage it into your skin with love. Ladies, above all, remember the confidence is key. If you know you look amazing, you will look amazing and nothing can change that. Try not to be too hard on yourself if you skip a day of work out or cheat on your diet with a chocolate bar. Stay positive, maintain your poise and rock that designer swimwear like you۪re walking down the ramp!