10 Tricks To Cut Calories Without Starving


As summer is fast approaching, everyone is getting their body into bikini-worthy shape. Ladies, as you work towards your bikini body, it is absolutely critical that you supplement your exercise regime with a keen focus on what you put into your body. Contrary to popular belief, cutting calories does not equate to starving yourself. In fact, that is the entirely wrong approach to take and at Swimwear World, we are dead against it. Use these nifty tricks to cut down on the calories that you consume in a healthy and satisfying way.

01. Change your coffee order from a hearty frappuccino to a simpleice blended coffee without whipped cream and sugar. If you must make it sweet, use brown sugar instead of white.

02. Split that can of soda with your friend. The number of calories you consume is instantly halved without compromising on taste.

03. Substitute ice cream with sorbet, which is equally delicious and so much healthier. Strawberry sorbet is absolutely drool-worthy.

04. Craving cookies? Opt for a low-fat variety like graham crackers or fig bars.

05. Instead of your usual beef burger,satisfy your tastebuds with a veggie version instead.

06. For breakfast, skip the butter and margarine on your toast. Use a sugar-free jam instead, which typically contains 20 calories in two tablespoons versus 100 in the regular jam.

07. Just because you are eating your vegetables in a salad, it does not mean that the dish is healthy. Balsamic vinegar, a squeeze of lemon or a dash of wine are the healthiest dressings of the lot.

08. Opt for an orange rather than a glass of OJ, which typically contains more calories than the bottle lets on. Plus, the fiber in the fruit is really good for clearing your digestive tract.

09. Make your morning omelet with egg white and without oil in a non-stick pan. Add a dash of skim milk for extra fluffiness.

10. The next time you are out for a meal, skip the sugary drinks and order a glass of water instead. Not only does the substitution reduce the number of calories you consume; it also makes you feel fuller so you will end up eating less.