10 Fun Alternative Date Ideas

date-ideas Tired of the same old dinner and movie routine? Switch things up and surprise your SO with one of these ten alternative date ideas!

Art Gallery

Take out a Sunday afternoon to head to the nearest art gallery and pretend to be sophisticated with your main man. Act like you understand the random squiggles and paint strokes (or maybe you actually do) and hum in awe when you find something particularly fascinating.

Make a Pillow Fort

This one requires no explanation. Once you have gathered all the blankets and pillows in your house, you know what to do. Make some s۪mores, listen to your favourite band and have an afternoon of giggles galore!

Join a Class

What better way to bond with your man than to learn a new skill together? Think of something that you have both really wanted to do for a while salsa, photography, web design, cooking, anything! Chances are that you will get to see a whole new side of your SO, too.

Crossword Date

Pick up the Sunday Times (or just go online) and find two crosswords. Ready, steady, go! Whoever finishes their crossword first has to treat the other one to lunch/dinner/an outing of their choice. Enjoy the playful competitiveness and hey, you might even learn some new words!

Pretend to Be Tourists

Pack your camera and a city guide into your backpack and embark on a journey to see your town in a new light. Visit all the tourist hotspots don۪t forget to take photos everywhere with the peace sign! You will get the chance to meet a host of new people from different cultures and have a whole new appreciation for your city as well.

Book Club for Two

Shut your eyes and scroll your finger across the spines of books on your shelf until your SO tells you to stop. Pick up the book where your finger lands and read the first chapter aloud, complete with funny voices to suit the characters. It is bound to be a riot!

Photo booth Trail

Make it your mission to take as many photographs as you can in one day. There۪s a catch to it: they have to be photo booth snaps. Try to make a different crazy face in each picture and see how many you can collect!

Make a Video

This one is pretty logical make a random video and post it on YouTube. Talk about anything and everything under the sun. You could do a tutorial, a how-to video, a rant about world politics or even make your boyfriend shoot your outfit, including your best summer outfits. Rock those sexy designer bikinis and this summers hottest trends (that۪s what boyfriends are for, right?)

Bake Date

Whip up your favorite desert in the comfort of your own kitchen. Have a fun food fight while your delicious delights are in the oven just keep an eye out for the timer so that they don۪t burn!

Bring Out the Picnic Blanket

Pull that good ol۪ picnic blanket out the closet and head on over to the local park or beach for an old school picnic. Go the whole nine yards with homemade sandwiches, fruit sticks, dips and maybe even a bottle of vino. Bring along a pack on Uno cards and have a blast!