How To Treat Dry Summer Hair

Summer is definitely my favorite season of the year. I love everything about it the deliciously warm weather, the opportunity to show off my bikini body, the gorgeous natural tan and of course, the holidays. However, with all good things come bad things too and in this case, the biggest downside is awful and dry summer hair. For those of you who face the same predicament (and I can safely say that this is truer than ever for beach babes) do not fear! There is a host of ways that you can treat your hair to counter the damage done by the heat!

Weekly Hot Oil Treatments

As someone who faces dry-ish hair all year round, hot oil treatments are one of the most effective ways to replenish the moisture that your hair has lost. To get it back to its original quality, I suggest that you treat yourself to a hot oil treatment every week. This ritual is really easy to do at home take four tablespoons of almond or coconut oil, add a few drops of essential oil (I love lavender and sage!), heat the mixture until it is warm and then massage the oil into your scalp and hair. Leave the oil in your hair for at least half an hour before you wash it off. Voila!

Avoid Harsh Products

As a rule of thumb, you should minimize your use of harsh products that are loaded with chemicals as much as possible; however, this becomes especially important in the months that follow after the summer. These products will dry and damage your hair even more so stay clear of them. Instead, opt for organic hair products and minimize your use of products like hairspray and the like.

Use Full-fat Mayonnaise As A Hair Mask 

That۪s right, ladies! While full-fat mayonnaise may not be the ideal thing for your bikini body, it definitely tops the chart when it comes to treating dry hair. All it takes is one application to make your tresses softer, shinier and healthier! All you need to do is take half a cup of mayonnaise and massage it into your scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap, allow the pack to settle in for about half an hour and then rinse your hair as normal. Repeat this treatment every fortnight for effective results.

How Do You Shampoo?

Though an essential part of your hair care routine, shampooing can often damage your hair as well not the product itself but the way you use it. For starters, do not shampoo your hair every single day if it is not required as this will only add to the dryness. Use your fingertips to massage the shampoo into your hair as opposed to your nails, which will cause further irritation to your scalp. Finally, do not forget to condition your hair to bring the moisture back into your locks. If your hair is really, really dry, it might be a good idea to try using a leave-in conditioner for some extra TLC.