How To Maintain Your Bikini Body


So, you have worked super hard all year and you bikini body is look freakin۪ fabulous. Ladies, your journey does not come to an end here. You want your figure to keep looking fit and fine in the years to come, right? We have got the inside scoop on how to maintain your bikini body with ease.

Balanced Breakfast

Have no doubt that breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. Even if you plan on breaking a sweat less often than you used to, it is absolutely critical that you continue to eat a large and healthy breakfast to energize your body for the rest of the day. Plus, you will feel full and won۪t be tempted to snack in between meals or overeat at lunch and dinner. For a delicious and healthy morning meal, try Greek yogurt sprinkled with berries, wheat flakes with almond milk or whole wheat toast topped with avocado.

Workout Regularly

Now that you have accomplished your best body, it is extremely easy to let your exercise routine slip. You may find yourself waking up in the morning and thinking, Oh, I can skip the gym today because one session does not make a difference anymore! Stop right there! In times like this, remind yourself of everything you have accomplished and how much effort it has taken to reach where you are today. That being said, you can afford to space your routine out a little more so make it your goal to work out at least four days a week. If the monotony of the gym is getting to you, switch things up with a new activity like Zumba or mountain biking.

Know Thy Your Triggers

Everyone has particular emotions, situations and sights which trigger their craving for sinfully delicious junk food. For example, you might feel an overwhelming desire for cookie dough ice cream when you are sad or you may want to throw a pizza party when you are ecstatic. Think about the triggers that make you want to binge and then make a conscious effort to keep these in check. It may be a good idea to find healthy substitutes for these cravings instead. Munch on a handful of blueberries instead of ice cream, fix up some spaghetti squash to replace your go-to pizza and use brown bread instead of white when you feel like eating a deli sandwich. Having said that, it is completely okay to reward yourself occasionally with whatever makes you happy to keep yourself motivated. If you hold back too strictly, you will only end up hogging later!

Remember that the key to maintaining your bikini body is to try to make some lifestyle changes and continuously challenge your body to push itself one step further. Try that three day juice cleanse, make your recipes healthier, run up the steep hill you have been eyeing for months now and dance your heart out for another thirty minutes. Just do it.