Help: What Should I Eat Before & After My Workout?!

Beach babes, are you ready to burn those pesky calories to get in to your new PQ Swim bikini? Not so fast! In order to make sure that your work out is as effective as it can possibly be; you need to fuel up about thirty minutes before. Many make the mistake of breaking a sweat on an empty stomach this is a big no-no! Even if you are hitting the gym first thing in the morning, you need to chow down on a combination of carbohydrates and protein to ensure that you have enough energy to make it through your work out and repair your muscles afterward. 

Bananas are one of the best things to eat before you hit the gym because they are fast acting carbohydrates (in a nutshell, they will provide you with the energy you need quickly). Gobble down a few bananas on their own, or slice them up on whole wheat toast with cinnamon. 

Oats are a great option too, because they gradually release sugar into your bloodstream, thus providing a consistent stream of energy as your work it out. Add some juicy fruit like grapes for deliciousness and hydration! Other effective pre-workout snacks include fruit smoothies, chickpeas, egg whites and dried fruit. 

Now, that you are loaded up on energy, you are all set to hit the gym hard! Make sure to use the right technique for all exercises, and if you are not sure, ask somebody or hire a personal trainer for your first few sessions. Remember, bombshells, it is important that you eat properly after your work-out as well. Your body is in recovery mode and your muscles need to repair themselves so it is important that you opt for a meal which is loaded with essential nutrients. 

Grilled chicken with brown rice and boiled vegetables is a hot favourite among the fitness community, because it is loaded with protein, good carbohydrates and other nutritional goodness, which will help your body recover faster. If boiled vegetables are too bland for you (we know the feeling!), drizzle some olive oil for extra flavor. 

Salmon is also a great option for a post-workout meal, because it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which will help your muscles to heal faster. 

If you are vegetarian, try a delicious quinoa recipe like a pomegranate, orange and quinoa salad, crispy quinoa sliders or garlic and thyme quinoa patties. You could also opt for a big bowl of grilled tofu with baked sweet potato and broccoli, stir fry or bean chili with baked potato. Who said vegetarian meals have to be boring? Pssh. 

If you are craving a small bite, chug a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, munch on a handful of blueberries or nuts, snack on hummus with pita or indulge yourself with kiwifruit and pineapple. 

Beach babes, don۪t forget to hydrate! This is one of the most common mistakes that people make whilst working out. 

And finally, whether you feel hungry or not, please, please eat something! All that hard work will go to waste if you don۪t. Your bikini body will thank you later.