Five Tips For Sweat Proof Makeup

As celebrity makeup artist Tamah Krinsky once said, "You can't beat the heat so my philosophy is to embrace it." We completely agree! Summer is not the best time for ladies who love their beauty products - the combination of sweat and makeup is certainly not a pleasant one. Instead of shying away from your makeup routine altogether, use these five handy tips to sweat proof your makeup routine and have fun under the sun.

Think Tinted Moisturizer

If you do not need the heavy coverage that foundation offers, we recommend that you use a lustrous tinted moisturizer as your base and skip the foundation altogether. It will give you the perfect sun-kissed glow without being too heavy on your skin. You can use a concealer underneath the tinted moisturizer to cover any unsightly blemishes.

If You Need Foundation, Use Long Lasting Formulas Only

When it comes to makeup that can withstand sweat, a long lasting foundation is absolutely critical. Although these formulas are inevitably thicker than other types, they stay put on your skin from morning till night, making for a strong base on which you can apply the rest of your makeup. Before you apply your foundation, slick on a light day cream to moisturize your skin.

Creamy Blush Is Your Best Friend

The trick to beautiful sweat proof makeup is to keep everything on your face as sheer as it can possibly be. Powdered products sit atop your skin as a separate layer and often tend to look patchy in warm weather. For some extra flush on your cheeks, use a cream blush that blends into your skin nicely.

No Glossy Lipstick, Please

Many ladies shy away from experimenting with lip color in the summer because they are afraid that the product might bleed, smear or fade after a few hours of wear. This tends to happen with glossy lips so shy away from these products.Opt for a matte lipstick in a classic color (we are loving coral lips this year). Matte products typically have a higher staying power than their glossy cousins.

Waterproof Eye Makeup Is A Must

There is no way to bypass this trick: eye makeup that is sweat proof must also be water proof. Try to keep your eye makeup simple to avoid looking like a panda by the end of the day. Skip the eyeliner altogether and let your eyelashes do the talking by layering them up with 2 - 3 coats of a reliable waterproof mascara. If you can find a 'weatherproof' product, even better!