Wandering Folk

Thoughtfully crafted and inspired by a nomadic lifestyle, Wandering Folk creates premium picnic essentials that immerse individuals in nature's beauty and tranquility. With a love for exploration, Wandering Folk has traversed the globe, collecting trinkets, tales, friendships, and inspiration along the way. The heart and soul of the brand lie in their philosophy of wandering often and wide, embracing a way of life that celebrates the outdoors. It all began when Sharnee, after a rainy camping trip in 2015, envisioned a picnic rug that combined aesthetic appeal with functionality. Through sourcing high-quality materials and incorporating hand-drawn vintage florals, the dreamy and durable Wandering Folk picnic rug was born. Since then, the brand has expanded to offer a range of premium picnic essentials for unforgettable adventures and picture-perfect picnics. Prior to embarking on the Wandering Folk journey, Sharnee honed her skills as a freelance designer, collaborating with renowned Australian fashion labels and creating unique artworks cherished by many.

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