Shashi is an affordable and fashionable costume jewelry brand that celebrates true individuality through unique designs and motifs rooted in beauty and culture. Hand-crafted in New York, Shashi captures the essence of the female world with grace, finesse, and a mesmerizing allure. The brand creates a captivating synergy between contrasting elements, reflecting the power of duality. Each piece is meticulously crafted using contemporary artisan techniques and high-quality materials, resulting in visually striking and fluid jewels with strong architectural aesthetics. Shashi draws inspiration from every aspect of life, infusing delicate beauty and cultural references into modern, one-of-a-kind designs that perfectly complement the urban lifestyle of the modern woman.

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Shashi: Linked Ring (LINKEDRING-GOLD)
Linked Ring
Gold chain band ring
SKU: 830-002
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Shashi: Remix Ring Set (REMI-GLSV)
Remix Ring Set
Two-toned ring set
SKU: 830-021
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