8 Other Reasons

The 8 Other Reasons (8OR) girl embodies unapologetic sensuality, a captivating blend of bohemian flair and confidence. She exudes an irresistible allure, effortlessly striking the perfect balance between untamed beauty and carefree elegance. The brand values diversity, ensuring that every design reflects excellence, durability, and affordability. Since its inception in 2010, 8 Other Reasons has amassed a loyal following, captivating the hearts of local and international fashion stylists as well as influential bloggers. It embraces the power of dreams, empowering individuals to express their unique identities and share their stories with the world. Through carefully curated accessories, 8 Other Reasons provides a platform for lovers, dreamers, and storytellers to showcase their inner sparkle and reveal their unapologetic femininity. It celebrates the essence of every woman, whether she possesses a brave and passionate heart, delicate gracefulness, or elegant simplicity. Behind this vibrant brand stands Charles, a true hustler driven by a vision. He infuses magic into the ordinary, finds beauty in bravery, and channels the essence of self-expression through his art. Charles, a dreamer at heart, forever perceives the sky as blue, especially the mesmerizing skies of Malibu. His journey began in Australia, his homeland Down Under, where he designed his first jewelry piece and started crafting handmade treasures from the kitchen table of his family home.

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