Winter Glam

 I love many things about the freezing winter sinful hot chocolate with marshmallows, infinity scarves in every color of the rainbow and the opportunity to finally bring out my good old boot collection. What I don۪t like quite as much, however, is how dry my skin tends to get in the cold weather. I hate, hate, hate dry and crusty skin, so I am constantly on the look out for new ways to replenish mine. This winter, keep these handy tips in mind to prevent dry and cracked skin from ruining the season!

Think About Your Diet 

It might sound silly, but your diet has a major impact on every part of your body, inside and out. Opt for foods that are loaded with omega-3 fatty acid like fish, avocado, nuts, olive oil and sardines. Vitamin C, found in leafy greens and citrus fruits, is important to, because it helps in making collagen which is the building block of your skin cells.

Soften Your Skin

If skin all over your body tends to get dry, it is time to get serious about moisturizing your body. Add a few drops of grape seed oil to your bathwater before you jump in, or slather a thin layer of olive oil onto your body after you shower. Better yet, take a shower with milk to give your body the TLC it needs your skin will feel softer and more hydrated in an instant! Also, remember that while it might be tempting to soak in a steaming hot bath after enduring the freezing weather, it really does not favor your skin. Lukewarm water is your best friend!


Take Care Of Your Feet

Nothing screams winter۝ like unsightly cracked feet. Not only do they look awful; they are also extremely painful and can take some time to heal if you leave them for too long. Instead of shelling out money on a pedicure every few weeks, take on some of the work at home. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone twice a week, especially your heels, to get rid of the dead skin. When you hop out, use a thick cream to give your tootsies the moisture they need and help lock it in by wearing thick socks around the house.


Dry Hands Are The Worst

I hate dry hands more than anything so I always keep a rich hand cream with me at all times to moisture my hands after I wash them. Before you go to sleep, slather on a thick cream or better yet, use Vaseline, and then wear cotton gloves so that the moisture soaks in. I promise you that he will not be able to stop holding your hand after this!