What Woman Don't Know About Shaving

 There are many ways to get rid of excessive and unwanted hair growth on your body and shaving is one of the most popular ones. Putting a razor to skin is not enough to achieve a smooth finish the trick lies in the technique and unfortunately, many women get it so wrong. If you like to live in your swimwear, like most of us do, the perfect shave is very important, so we have put together a bunch of tips that will help you achieve just that! 

Exfoliate before you begin shaving in order to bring any ingrown hairs to the surface and lift the hair from your skin. Plus, it gets rid of dead skin cells that can often clog your razor and make the job harder. Invest in a gentle body scrub or loofah to make your life easy, ladies! Never exfoliate after you shave because your skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation at this time. 

I don't know about you, but I find that shaving my knees is one of the most cumbersome tasks and a strand or two always gets left behind. Recently, I realized that it is so much easier to get a clean shave when you bend your knee because the skin becomes taught. You are also less likely to hurt yourself through this method. Try it! 

Try a homemade shaving cream that moisturizes your skin as you go about your business. Many ladies like to use hair conditioner, but I prefer more wholesome ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, essential oil or shea butter. Better yet, combine a few of them for an effective and deliciously scented cream that barely costs a dollar! As a word of caution: never ever use soap. It does nothing but dry your skin out definitely not the look we are going for! 

Before you begin shaving, make sure that your skin and hair is wet. Take a quick shower with lukewarm water for about three minutes to open up your pores and make your hair softer. This prevents any possible burns and also makes it much easier to glide your razor across your skin, so you end up with a very smooth and close shave. Say goodbye to razor burn, nicks, irritation and redness forever!