Tips to Prepare Your Hair and Skin for Vacation

Agreed, nothing feels better than frolicking in the waves on a warm, sunny afternoon in a beautiful string bikini, but sometimes, we tend to forget that the strong rays of the sun can be harmful as well. Ladies, do not undermine the importance of prepping your hair and skin before and after a day at the beach to combat potential sun-induced damage.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We know that it is difficult to remember to down eight or more glasses of water when you۪re strutting your stuff in your new designer bikini, but it is of the utmost importance that you do. Constantly hydrating and re-hydrating helps to replenish the moisture that you will lose through your pores when you sweat. H2O also helps to keep your energy levels up and prevents heat-induced nausea which is very common when temperatures are running high.

Don't Skimp on the Sunscreen!

This holy grail of skin products should already be in your beach bag. If you don۪t want to look like a red lobster in your designer swimwear or deal with the painful peeling process for days after, you had better slather on that sunscreen! As they say, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. For those who are wondering - applying sunscreen does not prevent your skin from getting a good tan, so don۪t stress. Find a long lasting, high SPF brand which suits your skin and apply it to every exposed part of your body. Expert tip? Buy a lip balm with SPF and soothe your lips throughout the day. We often forget about nourishing our smackers, but they can get sunburnt too.


Despite using a high SPF sunscreen, prolonged exposure to the sun will leave your skin feeling rough and parched. Invest in a rich moisturizer or body butter which provides your skin with some much needed deep nourishment. Moisturize before you apply your sunblock and after your post-beach shower. Don۪t forget about moisturizing the soles of your feet as well! Whilst walking around in the sand is a great exfoliator, it can also leave your feet feeling scaly and dry.

Minimal Make Up

The last thing you need is for make up to melt right off your face! To prevent this beauty hazard, stick to minimal cosmetics when you۪re hitting the beach. Throw out the sticky, impractical lip glosses and invest in a long lasting, good quality lip stain with a moisturizing touch. The stain will endure through sun, sand and water without becoming gooey or losing the colour. It is also a good idea to invest in some waterproof mascara and skip the eyeliner to prevent an extremely unflattering raccoon look!

Take Care of Your Tresses

Your luscious locks are not exactly pally with the sun and the sea, so it is important to give them some TLC after a day at the beach. Before you hit the sands, it is a great idea to apply a leave-in conditioner or a protective hair mask to minimize the damage that follows. Wash your hair as soon as possible, taking extra time and effort to massage your scalp and rid it of any sand, dirt or residue which may remain. If you have the time, try a hot oil treatment at home to rejuvenate your tresses and have them back to their shiny selves!