Three Ways to Beautiful Beach Hair

 We don۪t know about you girls, but we absolutely adore wearing our designer swimwear with some nice wavy beach hair, and we love to rock this look both on and off the sands. Obviously, we can۪t head over to the ocean to style our hair, so we decided to compile a sweet list of tips to get the perfect tousled look with minimal effort. You۪re welcome.


Get the right cut

Let۪s begin with the most important thing: your haircut. Don۪t be fooled into thinking that you can get the perfect beach hair with any old haircut. Remember to tell your stylist to stick to these guidelines during your next trim, to make your job infinitely easier later on. Layers should only frame your face, whilst the rest of your tresses at the back should be of one length. This style always looks fabulous and holds beach waves the best.

Blessed with wavy hair

Now we get to the fun part. If you hair already has some slight natural waves, luck you! All you need to do is spritz some sea salt spray into your towel dried hair. Scrunch it up, let it dry and voila! You can even make the spray at home. All you need is half a glass of water, a spray bottle and a spoon or two of sea salt. The more salt you use, the more texture your hair will have, so experiment with this combination until you have found the mix which produces the best results. Salt can have a drying effect though, so don۪t use this mixture every day unless you۪re also using leave-in conditioner alongside.

Straight Hair

If you are not blessed with wavy hair, it is okay. A three barreled curling iron is your best friend. Pick the look you want and purchase your iron accordingly. Small barrels lead to tighter waves and larger barrels lead to loose waves. We personally prefer the latter, but you can go with whatever looks better on you. These irons are a quick fix to getting goddess-like beach hair that'll fit perfectly with your bikini. All you have to do is comb your hair into sections and start clamping down from the roots to the tips (hold it for a few seconds, but not more!). Spray on some holding spray and prance out the door, babe.

Tips and tricks for all hairstyles

Hair buns are the sneakiest way to create the much-coveted waves. After washing your hair, divide it into four sections, twist it and wrap it into four buns. See which style works best for you. Spritz on some hairspray for better hold and wait. We recommend that you do this at night, so you can go to sleep right after and wake up with fabulous wavy tresses. When you۪re up, undo the buns and lightly run your fingers through your luscious locks to untangle. The same goes with braids plaiting your hair into a loose braid instead of four buns will produce similar results. It is best to experiment and see what stays better in your hair, though. When you۪re heading to the beach, put on your sexy designer swimwear, throw your crochet coverup on top of it, add a couple of cute clips to your hair, rock a bohemian headband or leave your hair as it is. Either way, it will look fabulous!