The Secret To Pearly White Teeth

What good is a designer swimsuit without a beautiful smile to match? Yellowing teeth are a sign of poor health and hygiene, but you really do not have to make an expensive trip to the dentist or purchase a whitening kit to keep your teeth looking fresh and pearly. Simply try these five effective tricks instead!

Flossing Is Key

Most people make the mistake of skipping the dental floss until their mid-thirties, when their teeth are riddled with cavities, dirty and other nastiness. How is this related to staining, you ask? What you cannot see are the stains which set in between your teeth. Removing these by flossing everyday will instantly make your teeth look whiter. Give it a try and you will wonder why you didn۪t start earlier!

White Teeth Diet

As with your hair and your skin, the health of your teeth is dramatically influenced by what you put into your body. Red wine, black tea, coffee, gravy and dark juices are some of the biggest culprits of stained teeth so make sure that you brush your teeth right after you consume them. For a quick and easy clean, munch on an apple.

Brush Twice a Day

This is something that you should be doing anyway, but many are guilty of skipping their post-dinner brushing session. Not only is brushing extremely effective in removing stains from your teeth, it is pivotal for good oral health and hygiene. If you are aware that your teeth stain quite easily, it may be a good idea to brush (or at least rinse) after every meal. Don۪t forget to replace your toothbrush every three months. Start today!

Strawberries Your New BFF

Beach babes, did you know that chowing down on strawberries is one of the easiest ways to whiten your teeth in an instant? This is because this delicious fruit is loaded with malic acid, a popular tooth-whitening agent. Crush one strawberry into a pulp and then add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the mix. Apply it to your teeth and leave it for five minutes. The only drawback is that strawberries contain natural sugar, so you must brush your teeth afterward.

Gel Trays vs. Whitening Strips

If you follow the rules mentioned above with utmost care, you really do not need to use whitening strips. However, if you still feel like your teeth could look fresher; it is a good idea to swap out your strips for gel trays instead. Look closely in the mirror and you will see that the staining is always the darkest near your gums where the whitening strips cannot reach.