Ten Ways To Be Irresistibly Attractive

1. Forget what Vogue says. Style is all about knowing which silhouettes and colors work for you. Use them to accentuate your assets and hide your flaws. Make sure that your clothes and accessories fit well. Waddling in a pair of heels which is a size too small is definitely not attractive.

2. Many ladies underestimate the importance of grooming. Looking good is not about slathering on a layer of makeup. File your nails neatly, shape your eyebrows, spritz some perfume before you leave the house attractiveness is in the details.

3. Without cleanliness, attractiveness cannot exist. Wash your hair regularly, take a shower at least once a day, scrub your feet, make sure your breath smells good.

4. Be kind. The kinder you are, the more attractive you will seem. Say please, and your thank yous. Swear off using swear words. Keep your cool, even when someone is being ridiculously difficult.

5. Embrace a healthy lifestyle. Break up with coffee, work out five times a week, drink eight glasses of water a day, get the right amount of sleep. It makes a world of difference.

6. Stop gossiping. Trust us when we say that gossiping does more harm than good, often creating a divide between even the best of friends. Give up this nasty habit and use your words positively instead.

7. Be confident enough to laugh at yourself. Recognize your flaws and embrace them. Feel comfortable in your own skin, so much so that you can crack a joke about yourself and clutch your stomach in laughter.

8. Make things happen. Creating endless to-do lists is pointless if you have no plan of executing the tasks on the list. Stop waiting for tomorrow. Things won۪t fall into your lap. Take the steering wheel of life into your hands and go wherever you want to go.

9. You don't need others for validation. Once you realize this truth and begin to live it, your life will change dramatically. You should be driven by what you think, believe and visualize. Let em haters hate.

10. Gratitude. There is a very fine line between confidence and cockiness. Stay on the right side of the line. Show people that you care. Stay humble. Accept your faults. Give thanks. Always remember where you came from. This is the most attractive quality in a lady.