2018 Swimwear Trends You Need To Know Now

The world of swimwear is an exciting, ever-changing one theres always a new brand, fresh trend or never-before-seen style to look forward to. Ladies, these are the swimwear trends that were excited about right now, and you should be too!

Ruffled Goodness

Ruffled Swimwear have been around for a few seasons now, but we're seeing them coming back with vengeance. They're the ultimate detail for a feminine, flirty and fun swimwear look. Better yet, ruffled bikini tops are an absolute godsend for ladies with smaller chests the volume they bring will instantly make your chest look slightly larger, and more curvaceous.

Sexy Off-Shoulder Styles

The off-shoulder trend has been a really big hit in the fashion industry for the past years and in swimwear they bring an ultra-sexy feel to the look, while leaving enough to the imagination. You'll find this trend paired with others bold prints, ruffled finishes, the works. P.S. Dust your bare shoulder with some bronzer for some extra oomph!

Plunging One-Pieces

The days of boring, frumpy, one-piece suits are long gone, and with the latest trend of plunging necklines in one-pieces, you had better believe it. A sexy swimsuit with a plunging neckline adds a bold twist on the classic one-piece suit, and will make you feel like the ultimate beach goddess!

Strappy Details

Everywhere we look, we're seeing bikinis and one-pieces with straps. This fun trend brings a certain sexy sophistication to swimwear, and looks especially gorgeous in bold colours like black and red. However you choose to rock this trend, you're bound to turn more than a few heads!


Nothing makes a women feel sexier than some lacy lingerie, and we're seeing this trend inspire a new wave of swimwear as well. Taking the best of lingerie designs, and swimwear styles, this trend is all about making women feel like an absolute goddess on the beach. Its sensual, its sophisticated and its downright sexy


Another clothing trend that has made its way to the world of swimwear, tassels are a playful detail that add a little bit of shimmy to your beach look. Whether they're at the end of your string ties, or adorning the entire hem of your bikini top, tassels are a flirty and fun detail to bring some pizzazz to your swimwear.

Halter Tops

The halter neck style is one of the most flattering styles out there, and we're beyond happy to see it back in swimwear again. Were starting to see bolder and fresher versions of this classic style though, with sheer panelling, interesting cut outs et al. Love it!

Side Cutouts & 90's rings

Side cutouts have been one of the biggest trends in the last year, and they're not going anywhere soon, back now with loops and rings for a fun twist. Strategically placed cutouts are a great way to show some skin, without baring it all, and while still being comfortable. Look out for swimwear styles with interesting cutouts in unique shapes and places, for a bold, statement look.