Swimwear for your assets!

Let۪s face it ladies - we all have a part of our body that we hate. It might be our butt, our little chest or our big chest, or that little pooch on our tummies that seems to come from nowhere. Whatever it is - you have to stop thinking about it! Yes, I۪m not going to tell you to hide it.

Instead we should focus on what we love. Do you love the fact that your legs seem to go on forever or are you particularly proud of the impression that you leave when you walk away? That is the part of your body that you should be buying a bathing suit for. And luxury swimwear seems to do an excellent job of that. There is so much variety that it is not hard to find a bathing suit that draws attention to the part of our bodies that we love the most.

Here are some great ways to draw the eye to the part of your body that you want people to remember:

Love your tiny waist? Then make it more noticeable with a belt or a wrap around. Inserts in the bathing suit will also make your waist look small and petite and give you a real hour glass shape.

Proud of your ass(ets)? Bottoms that are cut high on the leg with just a little dip in the lower back can be very attractive if you have a nice butt. Make sure you choose a high quality swimsuit though because once a suit gets stretched out and you get that saggy butt thing going no one is going to be looking there for long!

Do your legs go on forever? Then be extra sure people won۪t take their eyes off them with a suit that is high cut on the legs. You might even want to be daring enough to try one of those hot one piece suits that are cut up to mid waist with just a little string on the hips. Keep the rest of the suit simple in color so that people aren۪t distracted from the stride of you beautiful legs.

Do you have full breasts that sit high on your chest and demand something special? Try mismatched bikinis that the surfer girls wear so well. Start with a neutral bottom and then try something wild on top. An animal print, something retro with big circles or stripes, or another similar pattern will draw the attention to where you want it. Make sure that your bikini top has great support. As much as you might want the attention to be on your best girls, you don۪t want them to be totally exposed. Underwire support and thicker straps will make those girls look perky and full of life!

When it comes right down to it we want to feel like all eyes are on us when we are walking down the beach but we want those eyes to be focused on the best part of our bodies. Save the muted colors for the parts you۪d rather others not notice. Bring out the bright color, wild prints, and cut outs for the parts of your body that you know will make the sun۪s heat seem like a cold arctic day.