Stay Cool, Look Chic

While every beach babe loves the summertime, there are days when the scorching heat can be absolutely unbearable. Unfortunately, you can't always wear a designer bikini to deal with the high temperatures (oh, how we wish we could!) At times like this, a simple, fuss-free ensemble is in order to beat the heat whilst looking your best. So what should you ideally wear to stay as cool as possible during the summer? We have the inside scoop for you so listen up, ladies.

Natural Fabrics: As far as possible, try to wear garments in natural materials like linen and cotton, which allow your skin to breathe. These keep your body cool and you tend to sweat less as well. The best part is that these fabrics are super comfortable, ultra light and extremely easy to wear. Think flowing kaftans, wide-legged trousers, oversized cotton shirts and more. The more bohemian, the better!

Light Colours: Light shades reflect the rays of the sun and the heat, thus helping you to stay cooler than you would be in darker shades. Stick to white, beige, nude and pastel shades to stay as cool as possible, but remember that these colours don۪t mean that your outfit has to be boring! Look for unique silhouettes and eclectic details to add that extra oomph to your attire. Nude is one of the hottest trends this season, so it is a good idea to snap up some nude palette pieces as soon as possible!

Loose Clothing: One of the best ways to stay cool is to wear loosely fitted clothing which allows the air to circulate close to your body. This helps your body to breathe in the heat and keeps you dry, thus preventing possible skin infections and ensuring that you have a comfortable summer. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Yes, it is probably the best time to steal a couple of oversized white shirts from your dad, elder brother or boyfriend's closet and rock them like a superstar!

Cover Up: Try to wear long sleeved tops in lightweight fabrics as often as you can. It might sound strange but sometimes covering up can keep you cooler than baring it all! We know that it is very tempting to bring out the short sleeved t-shirts and tube tops; however regular exposure to direct sunlight is terribly harsh on your skin and will lead to dryness as well as premature wrinkles. Light fabrics like cotton are the best way to go when you are opting to cover up this summer, and kaftans or white shirts are ideal for summery weather!

A hat and sunscreen:This summer, do not leave the house without a hat on your head and a layer of sunscreen (SPF 40+ only, girls!) Most of us never really think about the importance of these items but they should be the first thing on your list! Not only will they will help you stay cool by protecting you from the direct rays of the sun, but they will also act as a guard against sun-induced skin diseases. If a hat is not your thing, invest in a cute headscarf to keep your tresses safe. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry!