Keep your summer glow - year-round

As much as we all love the cozy winter time of the year, we still want to hold on to one part of the summer, the beautiful glow that summer brings, and ultimately we want this year-round. If it۪s before you are going on your next tropical island vacation wearing your hot new designer bikini or just because you love the tanned look under your warm fuzzy clothes, there are ways to keep you looking naturally tanned year-round without those terrible tanning beds. The look of a natural tan is what everyone is aiming for, but a lot of us end up going streaky and not being able to fix it.

Although this is a tricky one, it's totally possible...just follow our 5 easy steps to keeping your summer glow all winter long:

1. Prepare & Hydrate

Preparation is your number one step. We are not talking about exfoliating but preparing your skin by moisturizing every day. Without a regular moisturizing mantra, your skin will just not respond well to that faux glow. Dry, patchy skin underneath is what we want to get rid of. One even more important note, let the moisturizing cream really sink in before you start applying your tanning enhancer.

2. Encourage Sparkling Skin

Now let۪s get to the exfoliating part that we've all heard many times before. Gently exfoliate your skin to remove all the dead skin cells that get in the way of an even tan application. Choose the right exfoliating scrub, in other words avoid the oil based scrubs since the oil makes the self tanner harder to absorb into the skin.

3. Protection

Before applying your tanning product apply an under-eye cream. Keeping the skin under you eyes lighter makes you look younger. Put on latex gloves so that the palm of your hands won۪t give away your faux tan.

4. Wear the Right Clothes

Once all the lotion is evenly applied on your body, it۪s very important to wear dark loose clothing to avoid staining any of your favorite wardrobe pieces.

5. Maintain your Routine

If you۪re happy with your color and you want to stay glowing, it's important to maintain a strict routine of gentle exfoliation and lots of moisturizing. Time consuming yes, but who says looking beautiful was an easy job!

Voila! Now you're all set for that never-ending summer glow.