How To Get Rid of Belly Bloat


Summer is coming, and you know what that means the opportunity to break out your fabulous designer bikini on your beach side vacation. If you haven۪t stuck to your new year resolution of hitting the gym every day and eating right, don۪t panic, because we۪ve got just the trick to help you banish your stomach pouch before its bikini baring time!

Eat Right

Starving yourself is the worst thing you can do to your body. Try to eat controlled portions instead. We find that the best way to do this is to chew your food for longer, and use a smaller spoon if possible. If you are a chronic over eater, this trick works like a charm!
Have you heard about the magic hour? Most of you are probably raising your eyebrows and wondering what we are on about. No, we۪re not crazy! The sixty minutes between 3pm to 4pm are indeed, magical. Make sure that you indulge in a protein-rich snack during this time, whether it is a protein bar, a bowl of almonds, a slice of low-fat cheese or a substantial portion of fruit. Why is this so important? Snacking at this time boosts your metabolism, so that you have enough energy to get through the rest of the day, and balances your blood sugar level. Instead of storing extra fat around your middle, your body will burn it instead. During your stomach flattening adventure, try to eat as little sugar as possible. The closer your diet gets to the zero gram mark, the better for you and your new look in your sexy designer swimwear!

Bye Bye Sodium

Did you know that a high salt intake is one of the biggest hurdles in your journey to sculpting the perfect bikini body? Salt, which is sodium in its purest form, leads to water retention which causes unsightly bloating. To combat this, make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of salt in your diet. Whilst it is unrealistic to avoid it altogether, because sodium is an essential nutrient, try to switch to natural or kosher salt, which contains less sodium. If you are craving flavor, try a new seasoning instead: black pepper, oregano or some fresh salsa. Your taste buds will love the change, and so will you!

Work Those Abs Out

A combination of a healthy diet and abdominal exercises will have you read to bear your designer swimwear in no time! As a rule of thumb, stick to an abdominal workout three times a week. Your routine should include three sets of crunches and leg raises with twenty repetitions each, a thirty second plank (up the time by five seconds every second day) and finally, one set of lunges and push ups with fifteen repetitions each. Supplement this work out about thirty minutes of cardio the more often you can do it, the better! But ladies, don۪t forget to warm up and cool down properly. The last thing you need is to strain a muscle when you۪re ready to bust out your bikini!

If you stick to these tips like the gospel, you will start to notice changes in your body in less than a week. Helloooo, bikini-worthy stomach!

You۪re welcome ;)