Five Tips For Long Lasting Curls


When you have spent an hour or more primping your hair for a night out on the town, you want it to look freakin۪ fabulous till the sun comes up. Nothing can be more frustrating than curling your lovely locks, only to have the curls open up before you make it to your destination. The next time, keep these five handy tricks in mind to make your curls last longer:

Prepare Your Hair

Whilst conditioner is important for shiny tresses, the extra moisture can weigh your mane down and make it harder to style so skip the conditioner prior to curling your hair. Better yet, start with hair that is a day old. The natural oils from your scalp will give your strands some texture, making it easier for your hair to hold the curls. If your hair starts to feel a little oily, sprinkle on some dry shampoo before you begin.

Braid Before Bed

This nifty trick will save you a lot of time and hard work in the morning. If you know that you will be curling your hair the next day, braid your hair into one or two thick plaits before you go to sleep. You will wake up with wavy textured hair which makes for the ideal starting point to begin curling.

Healthy Hair Is Important

It may not be the most obvious thing, but the health of your hair plays a major role in determining whether your curls (and other styles) will stay in place. Damaged hair and split ends are less likely to hold curls so if you love this flirty hairstyle, ensure that you are regular with your trims to prevent pesky split ends from coming in the way of your dainty curls.

It۪s All About Technique

The key to getting the right curls lies in the technique that you use. As a rule of thumb, start from the top of your head and work your way down. Roll each fresh curl around your finger and clip it to your head using a bobby pin. When you have finished curling all of your hair, spritz on the hair spray, let it set for ten minutes and then gently remove each curl one by one.

Choose The Right Products

Many of us make the mistake of loading our hair with too many products after curling it and using nothing before. Before you begin curling, apply a light styling serum to your hair for extra texture, which will make it easier to style and stay. It is always a good idea to use a product with heat-protection properties to ensure that the heat from your iron does not lead to damaged or frizzy locks. Oh, and never, ever forget the hairspray afterward.