Five Healthy Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today!

Overhauling your life is no easy feat and let۪s be honest: who really has the time to do that? It is a better idea to implement smaller lifestyle changes which are easy to incorporate into your routine and sustain. Here are five lifestyle changes that you can make today to have a better tomorrow:

Break Up With Coffee

Seriously, we are all addicted to our caffeinated delights but this is one of the worst habits for your health. Make the healthy switch to green tea: it contains less caffeine so your body stays hydrated for longer; it increases your metabolism which helps you lose weight; and the anti-oxidants found in green tea are great for preventing cancer and heart disease. Bonus? It tastes really good too. Experiment with different flavors like lemon grass and peppermint. If you simply must get your daily dose of caffeine, make sure that you do it before noon and limit yourself to one cup.

Always Take the Stairs

This is one of the easiest ways to cram a bit of exercise into your busy schedule. Did you know that taking the stairs using almost nine times the amount of energy as sitting at your desk and seven times the energy that it takes to use the lift? Your body burns about 0.1 calories for every step that you take. The cherry on the top? Your leg muscles will get super toned so say hello to sexy legs for the summer!

Increase Your H2O Intake

You all know that you should be downing at least eight glasses of water each day, but how many of us really stick to it? Ladies, this is not to be taken lightly. These eight glasses are the key to fresher looking skin which will glow through the day. And it is the kind of natural glow which the best bronzer simply cannot give you! Water is also the best thing to rid your body of toxins think of it as a natural detox. We strongly suggest that you buy a cute water bottle to encourage you to drink more of this magic potion.

Choose Dark Chocolate

Sometimes, you just have to have your cocoa and we would never suggest that you skip. But make the healthy switch to dark chocolate now and you will be forever grateful. The health benefits are endless it is good for your heart, good for your brain, prevents diabetes, contains a lot of essential vitamins we could go on and on all day. Dark chocolate also contains a lot of anti-oxidants which help to keep your skin looking fresh, radiant and young.

The Twenty Rule

Does your job involve staring at a computer screen for ten hours a day? Even if it doesn't, chances are that you probably spend a lot of time staring at your phone or tablet screen anyway. You may not feel it now, but the constant glare of the screen causes some serious damage to your eyes. That's why we propagate the twenty rule. For every twenty minutes that you spend staring at a screen, look at something which is twenty feet away for twenty seconds. You will be able to feel the difference!