Five DIY Projects for Beach Bums


Calling all beach bums! We know that lazy days on the beach is all you're dreaming about right now, watching the waves break onto the sands while sipping on your favorite drink. But the beach has much more to offer. We've compiled our top 5 Easy DIY projects to bring a little bit of the beach back home to you.

Glamorous Flip-Flops


Make your ordinary rubber flip flops, a beach bag essential, and personalize them in less than fifteen minutes. There are a host of ways that you can do this - stick buttons to the straps, add some faux crystal embellishments, wind some brightly colored cord around the straps to match your sexy designer swimwear or even glue a flirty flower on!

Bring the Beach to Your Bedroom

One of the best ways to get an easy-breezy beach vibe going in your bedroom is to bring a little bit of the beach back home with you. Whilst sunbathing on the sands, take some time out to collect unique shells and stones (like we need to tell you!) When you get home, soak them in bleach and warm water to kill any tiny insects, and then use them to frame a mirror or a photograph. Once you have placed them to your satisfaction, stick them on with a hot glue gun and allow it to dry for twelve hours. So easy and so much fun!

Decorate Your Fridge

Another really easy way to use sea shells at home is to turn them into magnets. You can do this with other tidbits like precious stones or sea glass as well. Before beginning the craft project, make sure to soak the shells in bleach and warm water. Purchase a pack of circular magnets from your local craft store, bring out your good ol' hot glue gun and stick away! You can make magnets with singular shells, or even glue a cluster of shells onto a thick cardboard base for a bigger magnet. Just make sure you let them dry completely before using them! These beauties make for fabulous gifts too.

Sea Shell Jewelry

If you are lucky enough to find perfectly shaped sea shells, why not turn them into some quirky jewelry which will look absolutely amazing with your designer swimwear? After soaking the shells in bleach and hot water, drill a small hole into them (this video will show you how), thread them onto string or fishing wire with beads and fashion them into a necklace, bracelet or even a pair of dangling earrings!

Perfect Beach Waves

Now, you can style your own flawless beach waves with your very own homemade salt spray. All you need is a clean spray bottle, one glass of water, a tablespoon of sea salt and a teaspoon of unscented hair gel. You may even want to add a drop or two of sweet smelling essential oils. Simply mix everything together and then pour into your spray bottle. Turn your hair upside down and spray the concoction all over. Do some old school scrunching and let your hair dry, preferably in the sun. Say hello to sexy beach waves!