Dress Yourself Skinny

What if we told you that you could lose five pounds by your dinner date tonight? No kidding! These tried and tested styling tricks will help you create the illusion of a slimmer frame within a heartbeat.

Down to Basics

The most important part of any ensemble is what you wear beneath it. Quit guessing your bra size and head over to your local department store to get measured by a professional. As a rule of thumb, never opt for styles which will flatten your chest or allow your twins to sag. When it comes to panties, opt for styles like boy shorts and briefs which will support your booty, thighs and tummy. Remember, the correct lingerie will define your bust and waist, creating the perfect foundation for the rest of your ensemble.

Think About Proportions

The key to creating a slim silhouette is to use proportions to your advantage. It is pretty obvious that bulky and round pieces on the top and the bottom will make you look_well, bulky and round. Dressing smartly is all about accentuating the slimmest part of your body with a fitted piece and using full shapes to conceal the not-so-slim parts. For example, if you have great legs, rock tight skinny jeans with a long kaftan-like top to cover your stomach fat. Narrow waist but problematic thighs? Slip into a fitted shirt with palazzo pants. Experiment with structures until you find something which pleases your inner fashionista and makes you feel like a goddess.

Play with Color

Once you have conquered the proportion game, it is time to start thinking about the colors in your wardrobe. It is common knowledge that black is an extremely flattering color but sporting an all-black ensemble during the day can be boring if you do not jazz it up with colorful accessories and quirky baubles. As a rule of thumb, all dark colors having a thinning effect so hues like chocolate brown, olive green, dusky grey and navy blue work equally well to create a slimmer silhouette, minus the predictability that comes with black. Ladies, do not be afraid to sport bright colors, either! As you play with proportions, you can sport vibrant colors and busy prints on your smaller areas, pairing the burst of color with dark, solid pieces. However you choose to incorporate color into your look, remember that the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin.

The Little Things

Small details in your outfit can work wonders to create a thinner profile. Belting a flowing dress below your bust will create a to-die-for hourglass figure. Have you tried sporting jeans with killer heels and a tucked in shirt? Celebrities are all over this look because it instantly creates a leaner figure. Experiment with shape wear, high waisted jeans, vertical stripes and tapered hip-length jackets, all of which are known to create a slender frame.

Above all, do not forget to smile! Remember, girl, you are a beautiful.