Bangin' Beach Hair!

The combination of sun and salt can wreak havoc on your tresses, but this doesn't mean that you need to put it in a matronly up-do for the sake of protection. Try out one of these five fuss-free hairstyles, which will protect your hair and keep it out of your face as you frolic in the waves on your next beachside vacation.

Beach Bun

This is one of our favorite beach up-dos because it is super easy to style and will have you looking ultra chic all day long while rocking your favorite bikini. Start by applying your go-to leave in conditioner or protective serum in damp hair. Then, sweep it all up into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Wrap the ponytail around the base and secure it with a few bobby pins (try matching them to your designer swimwear). How easy was that? For some extra glam, make a small braid on each side of your parting and secure them behind your ears before you make the bun.

Natural Waves

Let your hair frame your face with these gorgeous waves. We love this style because it looks amazing even when it is not perfect. To get these beach-tastic waves, all you need to do is towel dry your hair or spritz it with water and tie your tresses up in loose braids seven or eight braids should be enough to cover your head. Get some beauty sleep, undo the braids when you wake up the following morning and spend the rest of the day admiring your handiwork . Voila!

Half Braided Up Do

We are totally digging this easy-breezy hairstyle which has been sported by the likes of Naya Rivera, amongst others. Divide the front section of your hair into three sections and braid them backwards so that the plait ends at the crown of your head. Secure it with a hair tie or butterfly clip and you are good to go. Hellooo, beach goddess!

Glamorous Ponytail

Yes, we know, when it comes to ponytails, it is a classic been there, done that۪ case. That۪s why we suggest that your ramp up the pizzazz in your pony by adding a unique twist (pun intended). Tie your hair into a high pony tail as usual. Then divide your tresses into two sections and twist them around each other to create some wonderful texture. Secure your ponytail with a hair tie about half way down and you۪re all done. Ta-da!

Side Braid

This hairstyle is a beach classic which will never go out of style. Bring your luscious locks over one shoulder and braid them till the very end. If your hair is cut in layers, you may have some loose tendrils peeking out, which can be secured with a few bobby pins quite easily. Ramp up the flirt factor by tucking a fresh flower behind your ear, or braiding a ribbon into your plait. Bonus points if you can match the ribbon to your sexy designer bikini!