6 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him!

'Tis the season of romance, heart shaped chocolates and countless bouquets of red roses. Can you feel the love in the air? We sure can. Picking out the perfect Valentine۪s Day gift for your lover can be a daunting task, with all the excitement that surrounds the holiday. Fear not! We have compiled a sweet little gift guide to make sure that you have just the right present for your man this month!

A Relationship Scrapbook

Ladies, be warned: this one takes a lot of time and effort, so it is best that you start compiling your scrapbook well in advance. People love receiving personal presents, and we reckon that a cute memoir in the form of a book which tracks your relationship from the very beginning till date is the best way to show your Valentine exactly how much he means to you. Fill it with photos, movie tickets, other ticket stubs, fliers from concerts you have attended, quotes and other memories which you associate with the two of you. He will have tears in his eyes by the time he is done reading the scrapbook and you will officially be the best girlfriend ever.

Personalized Cufflinks

If you are dating a working man, why not play up his corporate avatar by gifting him a pair of personalized cufflinks with his initials engraved on them? This gift is brilliant because of two reasons. Firstly, it is super practical as he is likely to wear them on a regular basis. Secondly, it shows him that you take him serious as an individual and respect his career. Win-win!

Designer Underwear

Okay, so maybe this is kind of a present for us ladies as well. If you are sick of seeing your man in tight white briefs or baggy boxers, why not play his inner wear stylist and pick up some ultra stylish designer underwear for him? If there's a hot spot vacation planned in the near future why not spoil your man with some hot designer swimwear instead . Let's be fair, it's not only us girls that needs those super hot designer swimwear, even guys will look a million times more trendy on the beach.

Gift Him an Experience

What do you gift a guy who already has everything you can think of? Why not gift him the experience of a lifetime? Physical things will break and become old, but a good experience is one that will stay in his mind forever. There are a host of experiential presents which you can indulge in, depending on your budget. If you feel like splurging, go ahead and do something crazy like skydiving, bungee jumping or a helicopter ride over the city! If your budget is slightly tighter, don۪t worry. Take your man out for a picnic, complete with sandwiches and a bottle of red wine. Better yet, you could go for an exhilarating trek and have a picnic at the top of the mountain. It will definitely be a story to tell in the years to come.

Bake Your Love

You know what they say the way to a man۪s heart is through his stomach. If your lover has a hearty appetite, serve up some delicious recipes to show him how much you appreciate him. Sweet treats like heart shaped chocolates, red velvet cupcakes, banana bread or chocolate cookies will look very cute when wrapped in red cellophane or any other festive packaging. He will be begging you to cook up some more heartfelt deserts after this!

Love Letters

Feel like kicking it old school? Take out a pen and paper (or better yet, parchment, if you can get your hands on it) and scrawl your feelings into a letter that comes straight from your heart. Take out a few minutes, or even hours, and think about how you really feel about your Valentine. Then write it all down and let him know! If you feel like channeling your inner Shakespeare, you can even wind your sentiments into a sweet little poem which he can frame and put up on his wall. So cute!