30 Ways To Make Today A Better Day

30-ways-for-a-better-day 1. There is no denying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start your day with a scrumptious and healthy meal boiled oats with nuts, yogurt with fresh fruit or a drool worthy smoothie. 2. Force yourself to smile. Studies show that smiling, even if you are not happy, can actually boost your mood. Plus, you will look like a total bombshell so win-win! 3. During snack time, chow down on a juicy fruit instead of that tempting bar of chocolate. Your bikini body will thank you later. 4. Plan out that holiday which you have been meaning to for months then start saving for it. 5. Be present. Wherever you are, focus on the here and now. If your mind drifts, bring it back. 6. Stick little crystals onto something you use every day like your cell phone, key chain or wallet for some instant glamour. 7. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. Up the ante by adding sparkly diamante embellishments to the tips for extra oomph. 8. Rock diva-esque false eyelashes, even if you are just watching Netflix in your pajamas. 9. Color your hair and feel like a brand new person (you can always dye it back)! 10. Ditch the cliche movie date and plan a unique evening with your lover hit up the local museum, have a picnic at the park, play tourist in your city or organize a scavenger hunt. 11. Watch Grease and sing along to the classic tracks, with the dance moves to boot. 12. Go for an audition. It is the best way to break out of your comfort zone, trust us. 13. Seek inspiration for your dream house. Draw up the plans. Work hard to make it happen. 14. Start your day by breaking a sweat and enjoy a hotshower over your aching muscles after. 15. Make pie. Eat pie. 16. Set your alarm for fifteen minutes before you usually wake up. Wake up early, enjoy the sunrise, and revel in the feeling of being alive. 17. Get your eyebrows shaped. You will feel like a million bucks, we promise! 18. Slick on a thick layer of sweet smelling cocoa butter and fall asleep to your favourite song. 19.Try your hand at yoga. 20. Tick one really important thing of your to-do list. Feel productive. 21. Swipe on some red lipstick, throw on your favorite designer bikini and have an impromptu photo shoot with your best girlfriends. Hit the beach right after and get ready to turn heads 22. Make a vow to yourself: stop complaining. Promise to work on your problems instead. 23. Write down ten goals you have for the next year. Stick them up on your mirror so that you see them every single day. Make it happen. 24. Declutter your work space for an instant rush of happiness. 25. Watch the sunset. Take pictures. 26. Throw yourself head first into your pet project. All day, every day. 27. If all else fails, toss all of your guilty indulgences into the blender and make yourself a mouth-watering milkshake. Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate chips, Oreo cookies, the works. Just do it. 28. There is immeasurable joy in making someone else smile, so drop a stranger a compliment and watch them light up. 29. Tap into your inner artist and make something beautiful for your living space it could be as simple as an abstract painting or as complex as an intricate sculpture. It is entirely up to you. 30. Do the moonwalk. We dare you.