10 Ways To Make Your Recipes Healthier


Beach babes, you do not have to sacrifice your favourite dishes on your journey to the ultimate bikini body anymore! If you want to have your cake and eat it too, be smart about the ingredients that you use when cooking. These ten substitutions will make your recipes infinitely healthier without compromising on taste. In fact, your recipes will taste evenbetter.You۪re welcome.

Whole Wheat Flour vs. White Flour

When it comes to baked goods, white flour is the culprit behind fat. Make the switch to whole wheat flour, which is loaded with fiber and contains significantly less fat too. As if that was not reason enough, whole wheat flour is also known to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Unsweetened Apple Sauce vs. Butter

It may sound ludicrous, but unsweetened apple sauce will match butter and oil in consistency. Because of the subtle hint of sweetness, it works especially well in sweet breads and muffins. The trick is to substitute the oil partially for every cup of fat, use half a cup of oil and half a cup of unsweetened apple sauce.

Prosciutto vs. Bacon

Calling all bacon-addicts! There is no denying that bacon is mouth-watering good but if you chow down on it more often than you should, opt for prosciutto ham instead. It contains less than half the number of calories and about two thirds of the fat without compromising on the delicious smoky flavor that bacon is known for.

Coconut Flour vs.Flour
In the race to toning up and shedding unnecessary pounds, flour can be your biggest hurdle. By switching to a healthier alternative like coconut flour, you can reduce your carbohydrate intake whilst loading up on essential fiber. As a rule of thumb, substitute about _ cup of coconut flour for every cup of wheat flour.

Cacao Nibs vs.Chocolate Chips

Did you know that cacao nibs are actually the unprocessed version of chocolate chips? Get your dose of healthy antioxidants whilst skipping the additives and sugar in chocolate by using cacao nibs in your recipes instead. Cacao nib pancakes, anyone? Yum.

Brown Rice vs.White Rice

Not only is brown rice rich in dietary fiber (more than four times the fiber content of its white counterpart), it is also loaded with goodness like selenium, magnesium, antioxidants and naturally-occurring oils, making it a logical choice for dishes which use rice as an ingredient. It also works wonders for weight loss by aiding digestion and making you feel full with smaller portions. We cannot get enough!

Spaghetti Squash vs.Pasta

Hands up if you are absolutely addicted to Italian food! Guilty as charged. By substituting pasta for roasted spaghetti squash, you can binge on your favourite pasta dish without feeling guilty afterward. This fruit (yes, it is a fruit!) contains far fewer calories and carbohydrates than store-bought pasta and one squash can usually make about three servings. Who would have guessed that health can taste so good?

Lettuce Leaves vs. Pita Wraps

Craving all the deliciousness of a taco or stuffed wrap minus the calories? Try swapping out the traditional pita or tortilla wrap for lettuce leaves. The change makes for a light yet scrumptious snack and you will be wondering why you hadn't tried it earlier.

Fresh Fruit and Plain Yogurt vs.FlavoredYogurt

The fact of that matter is that processed and packaged foods are stuffed with additives, preservatives and unhealthy sugars which are pretty easy to avoid. If fruity yogurt is your go-to evening snack, why not switch things up with Greek yogurt and some fresh fruits? For extra sweetness, add a dollop of honey.

Greek Yogurt vs. Mayonnaise

Chicken tossed in mayo makes for the ultimate lunch, but the calories and fat content are simply horrendous. Swap the mayonnaise for Greek yogurt, add some herbs and a dash of lemon juice, and you have got yourself a sinfully good and extremely healthy hit!