10 Beach Hacks For A Better Summer


The sun is beating down, the designer bikinis are out of hiding and there are glowing tans galore! Try your hand at these nifty beach hacks to make your summer even better:

1. For your next trip to the beach, snap up a miniature bottle of baby powder. Use it to brush the sand off your body after a dip in the waves. Not only will you be sand free, you will also smell as fresh as a baby! Win-win, if you ask us.

2. To keep the sand and water away from your precious phone, throw it into a zip lock sandwich bag yep, you can still use the touch screen and take photographs!

3. Looking for a new hairdo to bring in the sunny season? Squeeze some lemon juice into your hair for natural summery highlights which cause zero damage to your lovely locks. The longer you keep the juice in, the more drastic the colour. Voila!

4. Bombshells, use Kool Aid to get that perfect summer lip colour. No, we aren۪t kidding around! Apply a thick coat of plain lip balm to your lips and then swipe on some Kool Aid using a cotton swab or your finger. Rub it all over your lips and say hello to a gorgeous lip stain (which tastes delicious, too!)

5. Create your own beach tepee with an old cotton bed sheet and a few giant sticks lying around. Anchor the sticks into the sand (wet sand is preferable) and then hang the bed sheet across them for your own private space. Everyone will want in on your stylish hang out!

6. To ensure that your refreshing beverages stay cool throughout the day, freeze them the night before. Wrap them in a towel when you hit the sands and sip slowly to beat the heat!

7. Make your own portable iPhone speaker with a toilet roll, a pair of scissors and some push pins. Cut a slit at the top of the roll so that your phone can slide in. Stick the push pins into the bottom to act as legs. Nothing like some good tunes to get you into the mood!

8. Worried about where to store your valuables while you frolic in the waves? Skip the fancy beach lockers which will burn a massive hole in your wallet. Instead, use an empty jumbo sized bottle of sunscreen or a tampon box to store your keys, money, jewellery and cell phone. The thieves won۪t go anywhere near these things. You۪re welcome!

9. If you want to bring a small amount of concealer or lotion with you, squeeze some into contact lens case for safe and easy storage.

10. Create the perfect beach waves with your own homemade salt spray. Mix a cup of warm water, two tea spoons of sea salt and half a tea spoon of conditioner in a spray bottle. We like to add a few drops of sweet smelling essential oil, too. Mix it up, spritz all over your hair and scrunch your tresses with a towel. Hellooooo, gorgeous!