Why You Need Matcha Latte

If you are a lover of a coffee, a connoisseur of tea or a health fanatic, chances are that you have heard of the ever-so-popular matcha latte its all the rage nowadays! But what most people do not know is that beyond the hype surrounding this quirky, bright green, perfect-for-Instagram drink, are some very strong health benefits associated with the key ingredient.


Matcha is a velvety powder that is made from crushing only the finest green tea leaves, and because the entire leaf is ground and consumed instead of being thrown away as with regular green tea, many argue that the nutritional benefits of matcha green tea are significantly higher. This means that not only is a matcha latte absolutely delicious; it also packs a punch of goodness in every sip. The key benefit of matcha is the fact that it is packed with antioxidants. In fact, research shows that it contains more antioxidants than any of the other superfoods. Not only are antioxidants important in helping your body build up defence against infections and diseases; they also purify your blood, leading to radiant skin that glows from the inside-out.

Weight Loss

As if that wasnt enough, matcha is also known to boost metabolism and burn calories, making it a wonderful addition to your weight loss regime in time for your next bikini sesh. The best part is that as it helps your body burn fat, it does not raise your heart rate or blood pressure, making it a much safer option than other questionable ingredients that claim to do the same. So if youre looking to shed some pounds or simply tone up, consider switching your regular morning coffee to a matcha latte.


Interestingly, the vibrant green hue of matcha green tea isnt just for show it indicates the high level of chlorophyll that comes from the crushed leaves. And heres a little secret: chlorophyll is a very powerful detoxifier because it helps in purging heavy metals, chemicals and other impurities from the body. And since matcha green tea is made from the entire leaf, it contains far more chlorophyll than other green teas. Time to stock up for your post-Christmas cleanse, ladies!

Restore focus & Enhances Calm

But rest assured that the benefits of matcha green tea go beyond the physical. It is also a wonderful relaxant for the body and the mind. How so? Matcha contains an important amino acid that promotes relaxation and calmness by impacting the functioning of the brain and boosting memory retention, while skipping the harmful side-effects that caffeine can have. If you find yourself loosing concentration at work as the afternoon rolls around, or if youre simply feeling agitated and stressed, try sipping on a matcha latte to restore your focus and calm your nerves. It works like a charm. With all these benefits and trust us, these are just a few matcha needs to be on your list of superfoods to consume. The next time youre at your local coffee shop, order a matcha latte instead of your regular cappuccino and watch the magic unfold! Youre welcome.