Top 5 Travel Essentials


Now, we look forward to our much-need vacations as much as the next girl, but the dread of packaging can really suck the fun out of all the excitement, you know? Everyone has their own style, their secret tricks and their rules of thumb when packing for holidays. Whatever your style may be, you mustn't dare travel without these five essential items.

The Perfect White Shirt


Not only is the classic blanc shirt an absolute wardrobe staple; it is also the most important item of clothing in your suitcase. Why, you ask? For its versatility, of course! A trusty white shirt can take you from an emergency business meeting (worn with pencil trousers) to a casual beach brunch (distressed denim is the way to go) to a night out on the town (sequin skirt, anyone?). Plus, it makes for an incredibly comfortable beach coverup. You simply cannot skimp on this essential.

Unscented Wipes


If there is one essential that should have a permanent place in your makeup kit, a packet of unscented wipes is it. We emphasize on the unscented۪ because the chemicals that are used to create sweet flowery smells in scented products can also have an adverse effect on your skin. Wipes are great for removing your makeup on the go, freshening up when you don۪t have time to wash your face and even cleaning up unsightly spills as soon as they occur. We always have a packet of these babies in our handbag!

One Statement Jewelry Piece


So, you made the mistake of carrying too many casual dresses and you۪ve been invited for a fancy dinner by the bay with nothing to wear. Alternatively, you feel like hitting up the local nightspots but forgot to carry appropriate evening wear. Or, you just want to add some pizzazz to your attire. In situations like these, a strong statement piece is your best friend. It can instantly glam up an uber casual outfit or take a dowdy ensemble from blah to brilliant in a second. Never leave home without an emergency bauble a statement necklace, eye-catching cocktail ring or daring chandelier earrings.

Your Favorite Funky Scarf


You may scoff your head in disbelief when we say that scarves are the most versatile items in your wardrobe. Before you write them off, think again. Your scarf can double up as a quirky belt for those one-size-too-big pants, as a fun head wrap when your hair is being too difficult to style, as a chic sarong to wear over your designer bikini and even as a nifty travel pillow for uncomfortable, cross-country car rides. We۪ve even used it to tie up a broken bag strap at a music festival. All hail the quintessential scarf!

A Deliciously Indulgent Moisturizer


There are high chances that you do not look after your skin as well as you should when you are traveling. As if that wasn۪t enough, the cooling system in airplanes can really suck the hydration out of your skin, leaving it dull and lifeless. Talk about a nightmare! That is why it is absolutely critical that you never ever forget to pack an enriching moisturizer, whether it rains or shines. We often stock up on miniature hotel bottles for this very purpose! Treat your skin to some deep nourishment when on the road and in the air, and it will thank you in the long run. Psst_in the odd situation that you are stuck without hair conditioner, moisturizer is a great alternative and will leave your tresses looking shiny like never before! You۪re welcome.