TLC For Colored Hair

Colored Hair There's no better feeling than freshly cut and colored hair. It looks amazing, and makes you feeling amazing, too. However, maintaining the vibrancy and freshness of colored tresses is not always easy. Remember, a little bit of care and attention cango long, long way! 01.Shampooing your hair too often will causethe color to fade faster, so it's important that you shampoo your hair as little as possible. Twice a week is ideal. When it comes to which products to use, it's always best to take a recommendation from your hair stylist. 02.When you are shampooing your colored hair,useonlylukewarm or cold water. Hot water will strip the colour from your hair, and make it appear dull and lacklustre. When you're not shampooing your hair, tie it up and keep it dry while showering. 03.Don't skimp on the conditioner when your hair has been dyed.If you want your locks to stay vibrant and glossy, a good color-protecting conditioner isnon-negotiable. 04.Indulge in a weekly hair mask to revitalize your tresses. Protein masks are always a good idea, because they will strengthen and nourish your hair - try an egg andmayonnaise mask for strong and shiny hair. Frequent hot oil and deep conditioning treatments are helpful as well. 05.When it comes to styling your hair, avoid blasting it with hot air from the blowdryer. Let your mane dry naturally, and then use the cool setting to style it into the shape that you desire. 06. Chlorine is veryharmful for hair, and is even more dangerous for colored hair. As far as possible, try to avoid wetting your hair when you're in the pool - tie it in a bun atop your head, and keep your head above water. If wetting your hair is simply unavoidable, make sure to wear a swimming cap. 07.Many hair-styling products contain alcohol, which causes colored hair to fade quickly. Switch over to non-alcohol based products, which are much better for your hair, whether it's colored or not. 08.Think about what you're eating, too. Good color starts with healthy hair, so it's important that your body is getting the right kind of nourishment. Foods that are rich in iron and protein will ensure that your hair is strong and healthy. Eat more egg white, spinach, fish and nuts, and you will notice a huge difference! 09. The strong rays of the sun can damage colored hair, leaving it brittle and lifeless, so alwaysprotect your hair from the sun with a cute hat or head wrap. Additionally, try to find products that offer UV-protection for some added defense. 10.Glazes are an easy and effective way to lock your color in.Ask your stylist to recommend a glaze that will help your color pop,and apply it in the shower every week. Say hello to bright and beautiful colored hair! 11.If your hair has been damaged by coloring, or was damaged before, don't skip on getting regular trims to keep the ends healthy and in-check.No need for drastic, super-short cuts; just a quick half-inch can make a world of difference to the health and appearance of your locks. 12.Avoid multiple treatments at one shot. If you have already colored your hair, lay off the permanent straightening or perm until the color has gone. Double-processing can be a lot for your hair to handle, even if it's really healthy, and the end-result may not be very flattering. Don't take the risk. 13.If you cannot avoid exposing your hair to heat, whether it's with your blow dryer or straightener, prepare your hair witha leave-in conditioner and heat-protecting spray, to ensure that your hair doesn't end up in a frizzy, burnt mess. 14.Remember that your colored hair is more delicate than your regular hair. When you are combing, brushing or pinning your hair up, try to be as gentle as possible. Use a wide-tooth comb whenever possible,and avoid harshly brushing through knots, no matter how annoying they might be. 15.When you're in doubt, call up your stylist! Never, ever use a product if you're not sure about how it will work for your hair. It's always best to get a professional opinion, so that you don't end up damaging your hair drastically. Save Save