Staying Slim During The Holidays

how-to-stay-slim-during-holidays The holiday season is the perfect blend of good music, great food and even better company. You will spend many nights gorging on delicious meals cooked by family and friends or lazing around a blazing fire roasting marshmallow after marshmallow. In the midst of all the festivities, you should not have to constantly worry about your calorie intake and waistline. Just kickback, indulge yourself and keep these tips in mind for staying slim during the holiday season:

Eat Smart

Before heading out to an event where you know there will be a large assortment of delicacies on offer, chow down on low-calorie snack like chia seed pudding or a bowl of fresh fruits at home. This will ensure that you feel full when you enter and do not go crazy with binging on tempting appetizers. Having said that, never deprive yourself of your favourite foods or the must try۝ dishes just sample them in small portions. Psst_substitute the chips with vegetable sticks for healthy dippers.

Drink Smart

Everyone loves to kickback with a cocktail or two why should you miss out on all the fun? With some careful planning, you can have your cocktail and drink it too. Mojitos and sour apple martinis are absolutely delicious and contain fewer calories than most other cocktails. Always opt for water or diet soda as a mixer tequila and soda, anyone? Whatever your alcoholic beverage preference is, remember to drink a standard glass of water after every drink. Not only will this keep you feeling full; it will also prevent the onslaught of a nasty hangover the next morning.

Exercise Smart

We get it you do not want to spend your holidays sweating it out at the gym whilst the rest of the world is out having a good time. Beach babes, half hour workouts every day during the holiday season are more than enough to maintain the bikini body you have worked so hard for. The trick is to maximize the time that you spend exercising with short and sweet workouts of high intensity. To make your workouts effective, fuel up with a protein-laden snack beforehand. Interval training is always a good bet because it will get your heart rate skyrocketing and create quite the sweat fest in no time.

Happy Holidays!