PilyQ 2016 Swimwear Must-haves

pilyq-must-haves PilyQ Swimwear has created some sexy yet sophisticated, elegant yet edgy and fierce yet feminine swimwear throughout the years and the new PilyQ 2016 collection is nothing short of all the above. It comes with so much variety that you will feel completely spoiled for choice but we have done our best to narrow down this mind-blowing collection to our absolute must-haves for their 2016 collection. pilyq-swimwear-designer PilyQ Swimwear - lead by fashion designer Pily Queipo and creative Director Amber Delecce are masters at designing the perfect swimwear for a woman۪s body. In fact, they come with thirty years of experience under their belt! Over the years, the brand has come into its own and developed a very unique sense of style, marked by carefully curated fabrics, eclectic prints, fun splashes of color, eye-catching hardware and above all, a love for the craft. The end result is swimwear that is sexy yet sophisticated, elegant yet edgy and fierce yet feminine what more does a woman want? 2016-swimwear-pilyq-inca If you are on the hunt for sexy swimwear that will set you apart from the crowd, the PilyQ 2016 collection is exactly what you have been looking for. It comes with so much variety that you will feel completely spoiled for choice! pilyq-swimwear-2016 The first thing that stands out about the new collection is the use of vibrant color, either as part of a detailed ethnic print or in combinations of neon hues in the trendy color block style. Whichever you prefer, there is no denying that this collection breathes fresh air into the world of print and color we definitely recommend the gorgeous Neo Block bandeau balconet bikini for your next beach vacation! pilyq-swimwear-2016-neo-block pilyq-2016 A great brand knows that the beauty of a piece lies in the details and PilyQ is no exception. In the PilyQ 2016 collection, you will find several detailed pieces involving intricate beading, interesting laser cuts and crochet patterns. In fact, it is these very details that set them apart from the rest. At the moment, we are completely crushing on scallop edges of the Oro bralette bikini and the stunning beaded embroidery on the Dahlia bandeau halter-top. Absolutely gorgeous! pilyq-swimwear-2016-omni 550-407-pilyq-oro pilyq-2016-bikinis-dahlia As if that was not enough to get your heart jumping for joy, the new collection is also packed with super stylish cover-ups that range from flirty, bohemian tunics to chic, elegant beach pants, and everything in between. The best part is that these cover-ups match really well with the swimwear, so this collection can really take you from sunrise to sunset with no problem. PilyQ-Swimwear-resort-2016-dahlia pilyq-lace-diva Lesser known is the fact that the brand۪s mission statement is Vive La Vida!۪ and this is the kind of collection that speaks directly to those three words the kind of collection that makes a woman feel on top of the world!