One Pieces, Bikinis and Tankinis...oh my!


At the start of each new year I pull everything out of my closet and try (often with little success) to cull the clothes I have not worn in the past year and replace them with new clothes that will make me the perfectly put together person I always imagine I will be at the start of each new year. Some years it is just a minor tweak and others it requires a total overhaul. In truth, I usually just find myself stuffing all my new sales purchases into an already over-stuffed closet!

I started this process yesterday and I think I was fairly ruthless. I have a beach holiday planned for the end of February so first on my list was an update of my summer clothes including my swimwear collection.

There is something about a new swimsuit or a bikini that I just can۪t resist. It makes me think about all the summer fun that is yet to be had together: the pool parties and fruity cocktails, the walks on the beach at sunset and salty, sandy skin.

Unfortunately, if, like me, you have over indulged over the Holidays, the thought of getting into a bikini at this very moment makes me break into a sweat (and not because I am on the treadmill!). The great thing about designer swimwear nowadays is that they come in so many shapes and sizes that finding one that suits your body type (or, in my case, covers my holiday indulgence) is actually pretty easy. Now let's get down to what styles are in and hot.

I am very excited that the traditional one-piece has recently been given a very sexy makeover. Whether it۪s strapless, bedazzled, a navel grazing dip in the front, or just a pretty pattern, they are more fun and seductive than ever. So you are looking for more of a cover up, or just want to be totally on trend, take a look at some of our new collections, one of our bestselling one-pieces this season isUma by Saha Swimwear, the color is super gorgeous and the back is sexy. And we all know, leaving a little bit to the imagination is never a bad thing!

And even the humble bikini has evolved with some great new styles. A favourite shape at the moment is the bikini top with a frill. If you are looking for more modesty, they allow a little bit of additional coverage, but I love them because they add such an adorable detail to the front. In this genre, one great selling designer bikini has been theCharming Pirate by Maaji, does it get any cuter than this!? Just when we thought bikinis could not get any more girlie!

If you have shown more restraint than I over the past few weeks (okay, months) and are ready to jump into a bikini at the first glimpse of the sun (or a hot tub!) then the possibilities are endless. Some styles that are really popular right now are the balconette style bikinis such as thePilyQ: Black Diamondfrom their 2014 collection and Sunset Sentinels by Maaji 2014 collection.

Myself, I am still trying to narrow down my selection_ I have more than I should in my shopping cart, but I just can resist the promise of summer fun each one of these will bring.