New In: Beach Bunny 2015 Swimwear


Bombshells, get ready to feast your eyes on the host of new brands which are coming to our site. Beach Bunny Swimwear is one of the newest labels to join the Swimwear World family and we are just as excited as you are!

This iconic brand was started by former swimwear model, Angela Chittenden, in 2004, and has been a runaway success ever since. Fun fact: Beach Bunny is actually a family run business, with Angela۪s father running the accounts, her sister working on the wholesale angle and a talented team to translate her designs from ideas to reality.


The brand counts divas like Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford and Fergie in its fan club! As if that was not reason enough, what separates Beach Bunny from the rest of the crowd is the keen attention to the fit of each piece on your body every single Beach Bunny swimsuit is crafted to feel just right and nothing less. The lingerie-inspired designs focus on enhancing a woman۪s natural curves with the perfect cut, coverage and support. This ensures that you are confident, comfortable and chic all summer long. Is it any wonder that we fell in love at first sight with the Beach Bunny 2015 collection?


Year after year, Beach Bunny comes out with bold, statement-making collections which have grabbed the attention of celebrities, media and the who۪s who of the designer swimwear industry alike. Forget about following the trends; Beach Bunny swimwear makes its own rules and has a blast along the way. We love the sense of fun and freedom that comes with wearing Angela۪s seriously designer sexy swimwear designs. They are all about letting your inner diva shine and having fun with fashion at the same time the metallic neoprene pieces and vibrant color palette at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year are an apt example of all that the brand stands for. Some call it risqu̩, others call it outrageous we call it genius!



The Beach Bunny 2015 collection was nothing short of amazing and the loud cheers from the audience confirm that. With a futuristic theme and unmistakable glamour, their show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015 was swimwear haven. We spied metallic shades, swanky neoprene, eye-catching embellishments, jewel encrusted corsets and some crazy neon hues! With the right cut and coverage, Beach Bunny 2015 swimwear is all about making you feel beautiful. A self proclaimed traveler, Angela seeks inspiration from the countries she visits, taking notes on fabrics, colors and unique details to incorporate into her own sassy swimwear line. You will notice this influence in her latest collection, too.


There area wide variety of styles, textures and hues in Angela۪s work she has a noticeable soft spot for regal jewel tones like emerald green, amethyst purple, classy corals and tantalizing topaz. Nobody does embellishments quite like Beach Bunny, either. Feast your eyes on sexy swimwear with crazy crystal details, luxurious gold hardware and sizzling spatters of sequins. Get ready to turn heads, ladies!