Malai Swimwear Magic!


Calling all bohemian bikini babes! We have just the swimwear fix for you, so listen up and listen good!Malai swimwear, started by Amalia Abad and based out of the vibrant nation of Colombia, boasts of an eclectic range of vivid designer swimwear for the creative senorita. It is just the thing for girls who love to show off their bikini bodies in a plethora of eye-popping colors; the perfect homage to the rich Colombian origins of the brand, don۪t you think?

We are extremely proud to add Malai Swimwear to our growing range of designer swimwear labels, and we guarantee that you will not be able to peel your eyes away from their gorgeous collection. The interesting mesh of vibrant hues and avant-garde cuts makes Malai Swimwear the ideal choice for the modern woman, who is super confident, spiritual, fun and experimental, all in one go. She appreciates high quality garments and unique statement pieces, which she wears with a killer smile as the only accessory.



malai-swimwear-sw1With an unmatched attention to detail, Malai Swimwear ensures that every piece is crafted to fit your body as though it has been tailor made just for you, by hiding your flaws and accentuating your assets in the best possible way. You will also love the seamless finish, which is a subtle yet important detail when it comes to swimwear. The best part is that Malai Swimwear has always made it a point to source the best fabrics and materials the world has to offer, resulting in long lasting swimwear which is as durable as it is sexy a rare feat, you will agree. The brand does not compromise on comfort either, so you are guaranteed to be super relaxed in your Malai swimsuit, both in and out of the water. Say hello to a fun-filled, stress-free day on the sands!


As you browse through Malai Swimwear 2014 with their wide range of sexy swimwear, you will come across a host of cuts and styles which you may have never seen before. This is one of the main nuances which distinguish Malai from everything else on offer. Their unique twists on traditional designs add personality to every ensemble, so find something which strikes a chord with you and strut your stuff like a true goddess.


Malai Swimwear 2014 is all about embellishments, prints and beautiful ruffles, both traditional and new-age, translated into stunning bikinis, monokinis and one pieces. Here, you will be privy to basic black bikinis with sparkly detailing, unique floral prints in pastel shades, tassel ties on sliding triangle bikini tops, radically ruched texture in both tops and bottoms, contrasting prints in a single outfit, mind boggling geometric prints and monochrome goodness, amongst other fabulous touches. What۪s not to love?


One thing is for sure: if you want a piece which helps you stand out from the crowd with subtle sexiness and cute details, Malai Swimwear is the answer. This is for the times when you are craving some underwater attire which oozes sophistication whilst still appealing to your youthful side. We suggest you snap up some of these Colombian beauties soon!