How To Take Better Selfies


The last year has seen the "selfie" phenomenon take over the internet and we do not see this trend slowing down in 2015, either. Today, the art of taking your own photograph has become an important way to document and share your outfits, days and important moments. If you are going to jump on the bandwagon, youmustdo it properly.These handy tips will help you up the ante when it comes to the art of selfies. Give them a try!

1. Lighting is Everything

Think about lighting! Like any other picture, having a good source of light is absolutely critical. When it comes to taking selfies, asolid source of light placed directly in front of you is your best bet. As the light falls upon your face, it will enhance your features and make them glow in the best way possible.


2. Photobombed

Nothing is worse than taking the perfect picture, only to find that there is a person, object or situation in the background which takes the charm away from the foreground. Before you start snapping away to glory, check that your background is good to go. For selfies, a clean background in a solid color (like a painted wall or a clear blue sky) works best.


3. The Right Angle

When it comes to clicking a superb selfie, angle is everything. Having said that, the same angle does not work for everyone so you need to practise in front of a mirror tofind your most flattering side. Apart from tilting your face to highlight your best angle, it also helps to move the camera around. Whilst you should always look directly into the lens, holding the camera slightly above your head will make your eyes look larger than life. Experiment!


4. Editing

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about when editing pictures. Nobody - Kim Kardashian included - is perfect and everyone needs a little touching up from time to time. Take a couple of mock selfies and play around with filters or combinations of filters until you find one that plays up your best assets. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution because everyone's filter will vary according to their skin tone. At Swimwear World, we love the Valencia filter on Instagram for the natural, unexaggerated softness that is adds to every picture. What about you?


5. No Duck Faces

At all. Never.

Happy clicking, ladies!