How To Get Summer's Best Looks


Put simply, make up is war paint. Whether it is a swipe of bright lipstick or kohl rimmed eyes, there is no denying that it ups your confidence, accentuates your best features and makes you feel 101% fabulous. We don't know about your girls but we absolutely love to switch things up in our makeup routine when the season changes. That is why we have scouted the world for this season's hottest makeup trends and brought them straight to your screen! The best part is that these trends are just perfect for the beach - skip the heavy foundation and use one (or all three) of these instead!

You're welcome ;)

Pouty Pink Lips

Blake Lively Pink Lips

As long as you're not doing the duck face, we are all for sultry pouts. The poutier (yes, we made that word up), the better. Pink lips are one of the hottest make up trends for summer, because the vibrant color packs a punch like no other shade.Another added bonus is that pink lipstick shades have just the right amount of blue undertones to minimize slight yellowish tinges on teeth.Invest in a long lasting matte pink lipstick - hot pink for paler skin tones and a coral shade for tanned or olive skin. For some extra definition, use a lip liner which matches you skin tone - voila, fuller lips! If you're heading to the beach dressed in your favorite Agua Bendita bikini,and looking for some much needed relaxation, skip the lipstick and use a lip stain instead. This will last throughout the day and withstand sun, sand, water and whatever else you go through. Don't forget to swipe some gloss to seal the color in!

White Eyeliner

Kim K White Eyeliner

If you haven't invested in a white eyeliner already, you are seriously missing out on something. This is a makeup must-have because it can be worn in so many different ways to suit the occasion. For a doe-eyed day look, use a white liner to line the inner corner of your eyes (you can also use white eye shadow for this). This makes your eyes look brighter and larger - perfect for an afternoon at the beach with your favorite designer bikini, if you ask us. Don't hesitate to wear white eyeliner on your upper lid either. You will find that it is a refreshing change from the usual black, and it makes for the ultimate summer style statement. Just ask Kim K.

Bronze It Up

Charlize Theron Bronzer

Nothing screams summer like a beautiful, beach-worthy glow. Whether you are naturally tanned or not, make sure you have a bronzer on hand. The ideal shade should be about two shades darker than your skin tone. Using a bronzer brush (good quality brushes make all the difference so don't skimp on these essential tools), dust the powder over the apples of your cheeks in circular motions till you reach your ears. You might find it easier to suck your cheeks in as you do this (we call it the fish face). Then, lightly dust some bronzer where the sun directly hits your face - your forehead, nose and chin. To finish up, brush some over your neck and do a quick check in the mirror to make sure that you have blended it properly. Helloooo, gorgeous sun kissed skin!