7 Reasons Why You Need Primer

Primer-blog Makeup primer has been a very polarising topic. While some women call it out as a marketing gimmick; others swear by it. We are part of the latter. In fact, we fiercely believe that makeup primer isthemost important partof every woman's makeup routine, and a step that shouldneverbe skipped. We'll tell you why. 01.Makeup primer creates the perfect base for the rest of your makeup, by sealing and smoothing out your pores. You will find that without primer, your pores will actually look larger than they are when you apply liquid foundation. Not a good look! 02.Another great advantage of using makeup primer is that it makes your skin softer, further enhancing the smooth finish of your makeup. 03.Is your skin uneven in tone or texture? Makeup primer to the rescue! It is your best bet at evening out the tone and texture of your skin, providing a great canvas on which you can apply the rest of your makeup. You will notice a drastic improvementin the final finish of your makeup when you apply primer. 04.If you have developed fine lines or wrinkles over the years, makeup primer is your best friend. While all primers do not necessarily contain anti-ageing ingredients, mostof them will reduce the appearances of lines on your face. Hello, flawless finish! 05.One of the biggest benefits of using makeup primer is that it will help the rest of your makeup stay in place and last much longer than it would without the primer. Try it and see for yourself, ladies! Primer is ideal for long days, when you need to look fabulous from morning till night, or days at the beachwhen your makeup is more likely to melt off your face. 06.If you suffer from acne or redness, primer will get to work on your skin and lessen the appearance of both. Get with it, girls. 07.Your makeup primer is the critical layer between your skin and the rest of your base makeup, much of which can be riddled with chemicals that are actually harmful for your skin. In this case, your primer will protect your skin from the harsh effects of these chemicals - it's a total lifesaver.