5 Tips For Creating Perfect Eyelashes. Every. Single. Time.

create-perfect-eyelashesMost of us dont pay as much attention to our eyelashes as we probably should. We simply swipe on a couple of coats of mascara and assume that the job is done but rest assured, it isnt! Your eyelashes are one of your most important features and if you style them right, they can transform your face in a way that you may have only dreamt of. So, how can you ensure that your eyelashes are on fleek, every single time? With these five tricks, of course! Nourish Your Lashes You moisturise your skin, your hair, your lips and your nails, so why not your eyelashes? For darker, healthier and longer eyelashes, brush coconut oil through your lashes every few days. You can use your fingertips or a clean eyeliner brush to do this. Your lashes need some TLC too, ladies! Invest In An Eyelash Curler Seriously! Curling your lashes will open up your eyes, and completely take your eye makeup routine to the next level. Eyelash curlers arent as scary as they look and once you try them out, youll wonder how you ever did without. PS: if you heat your curler for a few seconds before curling, your lashes are like to hold their shape longer. Be careful, though. Talcum Powder For Some Oomph Want to plump up your lashes for a night out? Gently dust some talcum powder over them between your first and second coat of mascara. It will grip onto your lashes, making them look darker and thicker when you apply the second coat. Always Comb Through Whether your mascara clumps or not, you should always comb through your eyelashes to separate them completely. If you dont have a miniature eyelash comb (you can get these at most pharmacies), use a new clean toothbrush instead. Steady Yourself For False Lashes If youre applying false eyelashes, having a steady hand is so important. To get the best angle for application, place a hand-held mirror on a flat surface like your dressing table, prop your elbows up on the sides of the mirror and lean over it. Not only will you steady your arms; youll be able to see what youre doing, too. Save Save