5 Skincare Mistakes You're Probably Making Right Now

5 SKINCARE Have no doubt that the corner stone of beauty is a thorough skincare routine; however, even the best of the best can get it wrong. In fact, there are a few skincare mistakes that most people make, without ever realising the damage that they are doing to their skin the largest organ in their body. As summer rolls around and the weather heats up, skincare is more important than ever. So, we decided to investigate the most common skincare mistakes that women make, so that you can stop doing these and start rectifying the damage, pronto! You use the wrong sunscreen, or skip it altogether We have said this time and time again: sunscreen is one of the most critical products in your skincare routine and you need to apply it to your face every single day, even in the winter. An SPF of 30 or more is ideal, to prevent premature ageing and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Now, what most women do not know is this: the prolonged use of sunscreen can actually cause acne, as the product tends to block the pores. To combat this, find a formulation that has zinc and titanium, which will protect your skin from the sun without leading to acne. You always take scalding hot showers Ah, there is something so energizing about having a steamy shower in the morning, isnt there? While this routine might be the best thing to wake your body up from drowsiness, it isnt ideal for your facial skin. Hot water will dehydrate your skin and strip it of the natural oils and moisture that it produces, leading your skin feeling thirsty. Use lukewarm water to wash and cleanse your face instead this change will do your skin a world of good in the long run. You dont sleep enough Your skin repairs itself at night, so if youre not sleeping enough, your skin is going to look dull and lifeless. In fact, the first place where sleep deprivation will show itself is on your face, so you had better be getting those eight hours in. They dont call it beauty sleep for no reason, ladies. You sleep without removing your makeup Youve definitely heard this one before, but we cannot say it enough! Sleeping with your makeup on is one of the biggest skincare crimes that you can commit. We all think that we can get away with it once in a while, but this habit needs to stop. Now. Not only will the makeup get lodged in your pores and cause major skin problems; it will also be harder for your skin to recover as you get older, because your collagen levels will reduce. Tsk, tsk! Your still pick and prod your pimples The truth of the matter is this: when we pick at an annoying zit, we tend to do so from the side, which causes the infection to move downward and deeper into our skin. This means that it will actually take longer for the pimple to disappear, and the chances of scarring are much, much higher. We recommend using a mask that contains sulphur to reduce the inflammation, and treating the spot with a formula that contains salicylic acid or benzyl-peroxide oldies but goodies!