5 Apps That Every Woman Should Have

apps-u-need Have no doubt that smartphones have changed our lives, for better and for worse. Today, every womans smartphone is her best friend and her lifeline for many reasons namely, instant connectivity and accessibility to the world around her. This is great, yes, but how many of us use our smartphones to improve the quality of our lives? Its time to start, ladies! We know that storage space is a precious commodity, so we scoped the world of mobile applications to find the five best applications that every woman should have on her phone and best of all, theyre all free! Nike+ Training Club nike-training-app

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means bikini and beach time! This application by one of our favorite sportswear brands is the best coach to get your body into shape for sporting sexy swimwear. The Nike+ Training Club application has something for everyone and anyone, so no matter what your fitness level or goal is, you will definitely find a workout for yourself. Hello, summer body!

OPI nails-app Nail polish trends change faster than the speed of light, and we know that every woman loves to have a sizeable collection of polishes for every season. How often have you bought a nail polish that looked fabulous in the bottle, but absolutely horrendous on your hand? Our favourite nail brand, OPI, has the solution to this annoying problem. With this handy application, you can see what their nail polish colour will actually look like on your hand before buying it. No more post-purchase regret and wasted money! Mint financial Doesnt it feel like your money comes into your bank account and disappears before you know it? Dont worry - it happens to the best of us. Financial management is really important, especially for young, working women. Mint will help you stay on top of your balances and transactions, allow you to make budgets and monitor them, track your investments and returns, and so much more! You need this, girl. ShopSavvy shopsavvy Tell us honestly: how many times have you bought an item that you have been eyeing up for ages, only to discover it at another store for half the price? Ugh! Weve all been there, done that, and we know that the frustration is real. With ShopSavvy, you will never have that problem again. As the name suggests, this ultra useful application allows you to be a very smart shopper. Not only does it track and update you on sales and discounts at your favourite stores; it also allows you to scan the barcode of the piece that you are contemplating about, and it will let you know if that item is available anywhere else for a lower price! Woohoo! And if you didn't already know, if you find your favorite summer bikini cheaper elsewhere, you can always price-match that at swimwearworld.com Flipboard flip If you like to stay updated on current events and trends, or simply enjoy reading interesting content, this is the one for you. Instead of downloading ten different applications or tediously searching for content that interests you, download Flipboard. Once you have created an account, you can enter your interests, and the application will curate exciting, relevant and impactful content, just for you. What more does a curious girl need?