2014 Top Stories


This year has undoubtedly been a revolutionary one for television, entertainment, music and media. Whilst we have seen a host of defining moments and celebrity stories, these five made it to the top of the list for 2014:

01. The KimYe Wedding


Everything about these nuptials is straight out of a dream. From the stunning venue in Italy to the beautiful Givenchy bridal gown, the union of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took our breath away over and over again. Of course, we would not expect anything less than perfect from these two lovebirds who seemed to have eyes for nobody but each other on their big day. Congratulations, yet again!

02. Emma Watson's On Gender Equality


Not only is Miss Watson drop-dead gorgeous; she is also one of the most intelligent ladies to have graced the acting industry in recent times. As the world zooms in on the issue of women's rights, Emma's compelling speech at the UN forced people around the world to rethink their definition of feminism and made an airtight case for including men in the movement, too.

03. On The Run With Queen B


Have no doubt that Jay Z and Beyonc̩ are the ultimate power couple. After sneakily dropping one heck of a surprise album at the end of last year, the scintillating duo took to stages across the globe to belt out the mind blowing tracks for die-hard fans during the On The Run Tour. Queen B set the stage on fire with her powerful voice, enthralling moves and dazzling outfits. We absolutely love the chemistry that these two super stars have and can feel it from miles away. Our favourite part is definitely the footage of their lovely home videos featuring Blue Ivy. Isn't she adorable?

04. Phone Hacking Emerged As A Serious Crime


It broke our heart to see the extremely talented Jennifer Lawrence go through what she did when her phone was hacked and personal photographs were leaked to the internet. Many celebrities faced a similar plight soon after. Of course, Jen didn't let the debacle get her down; instead, she made sure to voice her opinion on the matter strongly. You go, girl!

05. Blake Lively Is Preggers


Rarely do you see a lady who always manages to have her maternity style game on point. Of course, our favourite Gossip Girl starlet is an exception to the norm. She makes pregnancy look like a breeze in her glamorous red carpet ensembles and effortlessly cool street style. We cannot wait to see how she dresses up the little one!